Michael Hagele Recognizes the Contributions Made By Small Legal Firms

Michael Hagele is the unattached counsel for a range of companies in the technology field. He offers outside counsel for companies working in aerospace, defense, biotechnology, artificial intelligence and the internet. Michael Hagele has made a name for himself for his love of start-up companies in the technology field. He is a shrewd investor with interest in other areas that he knows generate significant revenue. Mr. Hagele also has investment interests in the restaurant and catering services sector.

Michael Hagele; Background and Educational Career Path

He is an experienced lawyer with a specialty in negotiating and drafting of agreements and deals in the technology industry. That means that he has accumulated experience in patent matters relating to technology dynamism. His services span the local and international markets. He has helped in drafting agreements in the software, hardware and the telecommunications industry, including the internet. He has also advised a host of companies regarding marketing and promotional agreements. Mr. Hagele does an in-depth analysis of the intellectual property situation of each company, or individual, and advises, objectively, on the facts that will affect operations, and on the possible legal barriers.

Hagele has worked with several organizations playing different roles as a legal counsel. He has advised a large number of internet companies pursuing venture capital businesses. He successfully crafted and executed the intellectual property strategies for the companies that he has worked for. He also advised on matters relating to staffing, stocks, merger and acquisition and corporate governance. Earlier on, he worked for Fenwick &West LLP as a licensing and online commerce officer. He is a graduate from the Berkeley School of Law of Michigan University where he got his J.D. Michael attended the University of Iowa for his Bachelor of Arts degree. Follow Michael on Twitter.

The Interview

Michael Hagele says that he has discovered from his practice as an independent counsel and as a lawyer attached to organizations that even the small legal firms have the capacity to provide the needed services to the companies that need them. He says that some of the small firms provide the highest quality legal service but at a much lower cost to the technology industry. Michael was asked how he spends his free time. He said that he always finds some time off his busy schedule to smell the roses. He says that it is during such times that his creativity is unlocked.

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