Summer Fruit is My Favorite EOS Lip Balm Flavor

Summer Fruit is the one EOS lip balm flavor i cannot stop talking about. The beauty care brand has a few lip balm lines, each of which has an assortment of flavors. But, the organic spheres Summer Fruit flavor has my heart.

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Summer Fruit smells amazing. It puts you in the middle of a relaxing summer’s day, no matter where you’re at, what you’re doing, or even the season. The amazing smell is just the start of benefits of this flavor, and the many reasons why i love it so well. It softens the lips, penetrating deeply into the skin for softness that lasts. Summer Fruit contains only natural ingredients, so there’s fewer worries in what I am putting into my skin. Affordably priced. Shop your favorite lip balm here on

Other EOS flavors I like include the Raspberry Pomegranate and Coconut Milk choices. I enjoy Raspberry Pomegranate because it is unique and very intense. The Coconut Milk flavor is refreshing and so soothing. While I do like the two flavors, I’ll never stray far from my beloved Summer Fruit!

EOS began selling their lip balms at Walgreens pharmacies eight years ago. Now, the brand is one of the top names in the lip balm industry. EOS lip balms are organic, available in awesome flavors, and designed to entice all your senses. There’s never any animal testing conducted on the lip balms, and they’re dermatologist tested!

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