Dr. Johanan Rand Works To Improve His Patients’ Health Holistically

Dr. Johanan Rand works to provide relief to patients who suffer from healthy aging issues, and through the Healthy Medical Center, he helps people to better understand the issues that come with aging. He received plenty of training while spending time at the Albert Einstein Medial Center in New York. Many of the wellness programs that he puts together use IV nutrient therapy and other alternative therapies that combat age-related diseases and support healthy weight loss. The passion that he brings with him while he helps his patients is contagious, and his drive motivates him to put in the extra time that is needed in order to better serve the people who come to him for help.

Dr. Johanan Rand offers creative solutions to age-old problems, and some of the health issues that he works to provide relief for include anxiety, hot flashes, mood swings, menopause, weight gain, depression, high blood pressure, and low libido. He works with the hormone levels of his patients to help them achieve positive results in the areas of vaginal dryness, erectile dysfunction, insomnia, and memory loss. He also developed his own HCG diet program, which combines the hormone HCG with a specific kind of eating diet that helps patients lose weight. Dr. Johanan Rand is also gifted with the ability to explain to people why certain therapies and programs work, and this has enabled him to reach more people.

A lot of Dr. Johanan Rand’s work revolves around helping people to reset their metabolism, and part of this is done after medical professionals at the Healthy Aging Medical Center take a look at their patients’ blood work. With this information in-hand, Dr. Rand can make a professional recommendation as to how the patient in question can change their diet up as well as their activity to make a positive change. He is an advocate for the idea that health is measured by a lot of different factors but that when these are all in harmony, the body works best. Dr. Johanan Rand knows that when their is an overall improvement of health, patients can experience a return of energy and a healing of disorders that once baffled them.