Best Movie Real Sex Scenes


When you watch a sex scene in a movie, you probably assume that it is simply acting between the two people. And while in most situations it is nothing more than great acting, but sometimes real sex in movies happens; it’s the real deal!



In the 2008 movie, Little Ashes, Robert Pattinson admitted that he wasn’t faking the “O” in his sex scene, insisting that faking it just doesn’t cut it. Pattinson said that he was pleasuring himself underneath the lens of the camera, helping create the face the movie is known for.



Chloe Sevigny also admits to giving oral sex to her co-star Vincent Gallo in their sultry sex scene. The pair starred together in The Brown Bunny, a 2003 movie. Other movies in which you will see real-life sex scenes include:



– In the Realm of the Senses



– Cruising



– Pola X



– The Idiots



Of course, this is only a short list of the many movies that real sex scenes were taking place before your eyes!  You’ll be more excited than a wrestling fan discovering WWE porn for the first time.