From Production Duo to Band – An Interview with Alex Pall

One of the many collaborators that have worked with The Chainsmokers is Halsey. She teamed up with Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall for “Closer,” one of the biggest songs created by The Chainsmokers.


The song was historic because it was the first time either of The Chainsmokers performed the vocals on their own song. In the past, The Chainsmokers were a production group, relying on other artists to work with them to provide vocals for their tracks. Now, with Andrew Taggart acting as front man, the career of The Chainsmokers can only improve.


During the promo tour for “Closer,” Alex Pall conducted an interview where he revealed the origin story of The Chainsmokers, discussed future music, and talked about how their live show may be changing in the future. He also talked about Halsey, describing her as incredible, cool, and unique.


Pall said music was taking over his life, even before he was introduced to Andrew Taggart. Taggart was going to college in Maine when Pall’s manager contacted him and set up a meeting between the two musicians.


“So I took the bus down to New York City from Maine, where I’m from, and met Alex,” said Andrew Taggart, who was also in attendance for the interview.


According to Alex Pall, both members of the group knew things would work out fine from the beginning. Their first couple of times seeing each other consisted of conversations about important topics like music interests and motivations. This lead to a trusting understanding of each other because they knew each other had similar goals and ambitions.


“It was like 9 AM to 7 PM,” Alex Pall said. “We got together every day and worked on music and created out identity as artists.”


As previously stated, they also talked about their live show, telling the interviewer about the progress possible due to having a new lead singer.


[“Closer”] is going to dramatically change the way our shows work,” said Alex Pall. The Chainsmokers will be able to deliver fans a more streamline concert experience now that the band has an official lead singer.

Doug Levitt and the Poignant “The Greyhound Diaries”

“The Greyhound Diaries” is a project by Doug Levitt. Levitt is a singer-songwriter who is native to Washington, D.C. in the United States. He was born there in 1972. Levitt writes and performs music in the pop, Americana and folk-rock genres. The Greyhound Diaries was a project that took eight full years for Levitt to complete. Levitt started penning stories and tunes about people who took the Greyhound bus in 2004. It wasn’t uncommon for Levitt to notice people who seemed to be in the middle of difficult times. His observation of Greyhound bus travelers came to a close in late 2012. The musician had traveled 80,000 miles via Greyhound buses by that time. Levitt’s poignant project has had mentions from many extremely well-known media outlets and publications in the United States. These include Reuters, MSNBC, CNN, Billboard, The Wall Street Journal and Fox News. The Greyhound Diaries was an extremely productive effort. Levitt created a web series that was inspired by his project. The project also inspired a program and two full EP (extended player) albums.

Doug Levitt wasn’t always a traveling musician. Before he started the Greyhound Diaries, he served as a foreign correspondent. He resided in London, England at that time and covered many news stories from faraway locales including Bosnia, Rwanda and Iran. He worked for television networks such as NBC and ABC.

Levitt’s mother is Carol Schwartz, a politician who was born in Greenville, Mississippi on January 20th in 1944. His father is David Schwartz. When Levitt was growing up, he went to schools that were part of the area’s public school system. He is a Woodrow Wilson High School alumnus. This secondary school is in the heart of the American capital city. Levitt later went on to get his education at the Ivy League institution of Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. After that, he went to the London School of Economics in the United Kingdom. He completed an International Relations masters degree at the prestigious school. The Greyhound Diaries creator wears many hats these days. Although he’s a musician, he’s also both a photographer and an activist.

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