Waiakea is Growing At a Remarkable Rate

Waiakea is one of the top companies when it comes to growth. This is a company that has managed to bottle up volcanic water and get people excited about the concept of drinking bottled water again.

There was an initial phase where everyone seemed to have their mind on drinking bottled water from brands like the Dasani and Aquafina.
Overtime the mindset of consumers switched and they no longer found a need to buy water that was brand name. A lot of stores like Walmart and Winn-Dixie started selling bottled water that were generic store based brands. People started buying these off-brands because it all seemed like it was just the same thing. It would take some innovation and ingenuity to bring people back to getting excited about a specific brand of water again.

The CEO for Waiakea knew this, and he has made great strides in creating a certain type of packaging and a storyline that connects consumers to this bottled drinking water, and that has made this one of the most exciting brands around. People are expressing their joy about the volcanic water that has been purified through porous rocks in Hawaii. There is no other brand of drinking water that has been advertised in this way. That makes this an original in a sea of bottled drinking water companies that all look the same. This is great for those that wanted something different. This has resulted in great growth for a smaller company. Much of the fact that this company has created a brand that is not sold in all stores has made it a novelty.

People are really excited about the fact that this company has been able to transform in such a magnificent way over time. Many people are actually thrilled about the fact that this is water that is not found everywhere. They like the fact that it is unique, and it always stirs up conversation at parties because people have not seen it in many stores. That may be another reason that this company is growing at such a tremendous rate.