Imprints Of Lawyer Francisco Domenech

Francisco Domenech is a graduate of the University of Puerto Rico where he attained Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Juris Doctor where he was he also was a president of the General student body counsel, Academic Senator and student body president in the College of Sciences at some point.

He participated in comparative law at the University of London for a full semester during the same period. Domenech was ranked as one of the best oralists in his campus tenure. He was born 1978 in Ocala, Florida and attended Blessed Trinity Catholic School and Forest High school. Learn more about FrancisicoDomenech at

Domenech is a certified lawyer who can practice before courts of Commonwealth, Puerto Rico, United States District Court of Public Relations, District of Colombia, US Courts of appeal for first Circuit, International trade, and US supreme court.

Besides practicing, he exercised his political science training by representing the Young Democrats of America as a member of the Democratic National Committee between 2007 and 2012.

Currently, Francisco Domenech is the director of POLITIK, a law firm that manages government affairs. He has been a Director of Office Legislators Services of Public Relations Legislative assembly where he led 130 employees and the annual budget.

Francisco Domenech participated in consideration of 800 pieces for legislation and expanded services to the physically impaired using the Legislative Library. Before that, he was the senator’s representative before a court.

As the manager of Politank, he participates in philanthropic endeavors like Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, Clinton Foundation, Museum of art Puerto Rico and The Washington Center for internships and academic seminars, TASIS scholarship fund, and Museo De Arte de Ponce.

He has participated as Hillary Clinton’s member of the National finance committee and campaign manager and in Puerto Ricco on two occasions, all times she got majority votes against the other candidates, Senator Obama and, Senator Sanders.

His participation in Hillary Clintons campaign garnered him popularity demonstrated by ‘Most popular 40 under 40 awards ‘ of 2016. He also successfully spearheaded a campaign for Jennifer Gonzales bid to represent Puerto Ricco in the US Congress as the youngest and even first female.

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George Soros Giving Voice To The Low-Income Communities Across The Globe

George Soros was born and raised until his early childhood in Budapest, Hungary. He is a Jewish by birth, and it is one of the reasons why he had to flee his motherland when Nazis occupied Hungary. Over 500,000 Jews were killed during the Hungarian Holocaust, but George Soros moved to England with his family to survive the genocide that was happening back in Hungary. These events during his childhood left a profound impression on mind of George Soros, and are also the reason why he never hesitates in speaking his mind and keeps political ideology, mostly to himself.

George Soros moved to England with the help of fake documents that his father helped in facilitating, thanks to his political connections. George Soros completed his education while in London at the London School of Economics. In those days, George Soros was keenly interested in philosophy, and thus, ended up doing Masters in Philosophy from the London School of Economics. It is one of the most reputed colleges not only in England but across the globe. After the completion of his post-grad, George Soros moved to New York, where he worked at a few banks before starting his investment management firm by the name of Soros Fund Management. George always harbored a dream of pursuing his career in finance, and making it big in Wall Street has always been in his mind.

George Soros as a philanthropist has made some of the most significant donations in the history of philanthropy and recently announced the transfer of $18 billion to the Open Society Foundation. It is a philanthropic organization that was started by George Soros to help low-income communities based in different parts of the world. Mostly, the charitable endeavors of George Soros revolve around humanitarian efforts, democratic ideals, economic development, and education. George Soros and his team continue to look out for opportunities where the people are suffering, are marginalized, and need help and support. The Open Society Foundation facilitates the funding as well as volunteer support.

George Soros has not hesitated in raising his voice for many issues in our society that he feels for, one of which is the increasing violence of police towards minorities and the general public. George Soros has even pledged to give $10 million to help support programs that would reduce the incidents of police committing a crime against the minorities or the immigrants. George Soros has also been one of the top supporters of the LGBTI community from the very beginning.

As a man who believes in equality, George Soros has no issues with the sexual preferences as long as people can exercise their fundamental rights without being socially oppressed. George Soros financially supports hundreds of organizations to help with various charitable causes. George Soros feels that it is essential for the people to be united to fight the government and its many harmful policies. George thinks that people who support democracy should understand that capitalism is spreading, and necessary action needs to be taken to defeat it systematically.

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George Soros Highly Prominent Name In The U.S. Political Spectrum

One of the most prominent names in the field of politics in the United States is George Soros. Even though he is not a politician himself, George Soros has helped many politicians in moving up the ranks in the country’s political ladder through his support. As a democratic supporter, he continues to finance the election campaigns of the Democrats and help with the implementation of reforms that he honestly feels for. In the last few decades, George Soros has improved with the financing of election campaigns of many Democrats that have directly or indirectly led to powering the Democrats in the national political scenario. Even though he retracted his political giving after his failed attempt to stop Barack Obama from re-election during his Presidential bid, George Soros spent nearly $30 million to help Hillary Clinton in 2016 Presidential Election.

The defeat of Hillary Clinton in her run for Presidency did dishearten him as he was always against the Donald Trump, it didn’t discourage him enough to stop moving forward and continue with the philanthropic efforts he has been making and the reforms he wants to implement in the country. George Soros is a wealthy hedge funder and the amount of wealth he has accumulated over the years has helped him become a leading political donor in the country, and also one of the most prominent philanthropists in the world. George Soros funded Open Society Foundations in 1979 with the aim to make a positive impact in society we live in by fuelling funds into the charities that need it to help with the causes that George Soros feels for.

George Soros believes that even though the world has moved ahead in many different departments, the problems like racial disparity, injustice, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, minorities’ rights, and many others, still exist. George Soros believes that these problems can go away once and for all if there are proper reforms implemented constitutionally to ensure that the rights of the people are protected. He is determined to achieve his goals, and to that extent, he has even transferred $18 Billion to Open Society Foundations to ensure that the organizations and charities that are working towards the same objective as he is well-funded to help him achieve his goals. George Soros has also pledged to provide $500 million to various start-ups and businesses that are founded by refugees and immigrants to help them restart their lives and find that ray of hope in a new country they now call their own.

George Soros has had a very rocky journey to success, starting from escaping death during his teen years in his homeland Hungary during Nazis occupation to witnessing both the World Wars. It is what has given him a very startling yet realistic view of the transformation in political sphere and how it should be. It is what motivates the moves made by George Soros as he believes that capitalism is not what the people or the world wants anymore because it is a threat that the world should identify today before its too late.

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