Securus Technologies Reasons It Scores High Marks from its Customers

Any company, irrespective of the industry they are in, had to ensure that their customers are well taken care of. When the company solves queries and problems of their clients quickly, they tend to think highly of their services. The prison industry is no different, and people using prison technology expects high customer service as well. One of the top companies in the industry that has left its competition behind is Securus technologies.

Securus technologies provide a broad range of technology services to prisons, correctional facilities and the families of the prisoners. Being in the industry for many decades, the company had made a massive investment in researching and developing new products that would not just make the prisons safe, but also allow the rehabilitation of the prisoners. One of the unique services that they introduced a few months back was their video visitation services. It let the families and friends talk to their loved ones inside the prison without having to be present in prison physically. It was also useful for the prison officials who had one less thing to worry about and had less work to do.

When my daughter was sent to prison for a minor crime for a few months, I was worried about her. Since she was placed in a prison that was far from the city, I thought I would not be able to see a lot of her. But, things changed when I came to know of the video visitation services offered by Securus Technologies. I was briefed about the way to use it, and the customer service department was accommodating of the numerous questions I asked them. Being a novice to technology, I was surprised as to how the technology was so easy to use. I was happy that I could talk to my daughter quite a few times in a week and support her.

Catching a Wanted Fugitive Using Securus Technologies

I work on the fugitive task force in a very dangerous part of the country, and at any given notice I can be sent to work on a new case that warrants attention. Recently we were on the hunt for a very dangerous criminal who was only out of the jail for a couple hours and managed to slip through the perimeter that was set up to catch him.


Once the fugitive gets past the perimeter, everyone is in danger because the suspect will do whatever it takes to get a car, money, food, clothes, and drugs. If they can find a weapon, then things get even more dangerous for everyone. I immediately raced to the location and we did surveillance on his family with no leads. We knew that if he was able to stay hidden for a few days, he would be out of the country and gone in the blink of an eye.


The jail from which the suspect escaped had recently installed the Securus Technologies inmate call system, and this was going to break the case wide open for us. There were inmates in the jail not only talking about the escape to each other, they were relaying messages to those on the outside helping this fugitive out. These inmates think talking in code could keep their conversations on the down low, but the LBS software alerted us to chatter about who was helping the fugitive and where he was heading.


We arrived at the location without making a scene, and laid low and waited. It wasn’t four hours later, the suspect rolled into the location with a female friend, and walked right into our trap. Had it not been for the incredible covert alert feature on the Securus Technologies system, this suspect was a day away from being out of the country.


Number One in Information Technology

Recently through media sources online there has been information given through GTL networks that Securus Technologies, the leading producer of information technology is currently facing issues with patent laws on a multitude of their products. GTL has produced information the form of multiple spreadsheets represents information on patent expiration on 30 or so products that Securus has produced over the past five years. This information was released a few months ago, and has met with scrutiny among members of the information technology industry. Since then, Securus personnel, alongside allies within third-party corporations have discovered that these accusations are baseless and are not accurate information. Securus Technologies still retains their patents on their products, which is good news for their 1.5 million customers.


Securus Technologies is a technology company based out of Dallas Texas, and focusing their attention mainly on incarcerated individuals currently serving time for past mistakes within the United States penal system. Incarcerated individuals, like other American citizens, have loved ones and family members living outside of the prison. They wish to remain in communication with these important people and so security provides to them applications and services to meet those needs. One popular product that secures provides is a free online application that offers seamless streaming video conference technology to those that wish to take advantage of it. The service is reliable and is of high quality and besides minimal fees for calling cost is an absolutely free service.