Chicago Businesswomen Rona Borre is a Leader in Staffing for Technology and Finance

Rona Borre, The Staffing Leader for Technology and Finance

Rona Borre is presently the founder and CEO of Instant Alliance, but her awards, literature, and presence in the Human Industry have caused her to become a leading woman entrepreneur whose skills and talents are making a great impression on the business world.


Rona attended the University of Arizona from 1991-1995 and received a B.A. in business, leaning towards marketing. This was the formal beginning of her career, and with her ability to work with people, she accelerated from the start. Ms. Rona Borre uses both her skills with people and her abilities in finance to bring success into her arena.


After graduating from college she moved to Chicago for her first job as an Account Executive and Recruiter for Team Alliance. This job launched Rona on her successful career as she connected staff and clients. She remained there for one year and then advanced to Senior Account Executive at Sapphire Technologies to gain experience in financing.

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The experience of these two employments gave her the confidence and knowledge to found her own staffing agency called Instant Technology in 2001. Rona and her team worked hard to offer state-of-the-art technology and software solutions that would assist their clients. Navigate here on


Today, in 2017, Ms. Borre is CEO of three agencies: Instant Technology, Instant Finance, and Instant Alliance, and she is one of the top businesswomen in Chicago. Ms. Borre has written over 15 publications on meeting client’s expectations and has been honored with awards from numerous organizations, sometimes for several years, It will be exciting for her to see her future unfold.


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