CEO Perry Mandera Uses Cutting-Edge Technology to Streamline Transportation Company

Perry Mandera has over 30 years of transportation and logistical service experience with his company The Custom Companies incorporated headquartered in North Lake, Illinois (Twitter). With cutting-edge technology in the form of dynamic software platforms for logistics such as Cheetah Dispatch, The Custom Companies utilizes cutting-edge technologies and transportation technology to reduce errors in pickups and deliveries with real-time online documentation throughout the transportation delivery process. The Cheetah Dispatch software utilizes satellite tracking devices that provide real-time paperless verification of deliveries, proof of signatures and other documentation needed to provide a timely and secure delivery process. Perry Mandera also was the catalyst in procuring the software package called Warehouse Management System as well. This system provides pick and pack and fulfillment services to its clients and makes it a sweat less process for product pickup and delivery. Another software package employed by the company is Dock Management System. This software is also paperless and relies on unique barcodes that can actually be scanned in to assure that packages are delivered properly and there are no delays or errors in the delivery process says Perry. These 3 software packages provide clients with real-time information for each client to track packages throughout the process from pick up through delivery. In some cases, the packing is provided to the client when the Warehouse Management System is actually utilized. By providing these platforms The Custom Companies incorporated is a trendsetter in the transportation industry for reliable customer service and point of pickup to point of delivery by streamlining the whole transportation process and leveraging these new technologies. Perry Mandera has led his company into the 21st century with some of the newest technologies and innovations in transportation software to streamline his company and chart a course for success and profitability into the future by providing excellent customer service in every aspect of the delivery process.