Lawyer Shining in Craft Beer Brewery: Eli Gershkovitch

Beer is among the most popular drinks in Canada, and the country is mainly well known for craft beer. The consumption and sales of craft beers continue rising exponentially amid the dropping per capita consumption. The sales of craft beer continue growing almost to double the overall beer sales. There is an increased demand for craft beers hence many breweries in the country try to produce good beers to meet the demand.


The Canadians continue upping their game in craft beer production. One can easily access Canadian craft beer due to the affordable exchange rate and expanded production. The top craft beers from Canada include Propeller IPA, Pump House Blueberry Ale, St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout, La Fin Du Monde, Party Animal, Lug Tread, Mad Tom IPA, Rye Pale Ale, Red Racer IPA, and Electric Unicorn White IPA. The Propeller IPA is an award-winning beer that has a smooth and reliable caramel flavor. Also, some of the topnotch beers such as Pilsner and Black Angel IPA come from Steamworks.


Eli Gershkovitch developed attention towards brewing craft beer during his early career moments in 1987 after graduating with a law degree from University of Toronto Law School. Instead of looking forward to a satisfying and long attorney career as most people with degrees in law, Eli Gershkovitch desired to create valuable things (TheBroTalk). He says that he wanted to be value-added and that makes him the machine rather than being the grease.


As a practicing attorney, Eli was able to gain familiarity with craft beer licensing rules and how to utilize them well. He researched about the craft brewery enterprise from his law office in Vancouver and managed to find a perfect location in Gastown for a brewpub. The place was a 100-year old structure that housed a steam heat system. Eli saw an opportunity to use the system as an energy source for his steam-driven brewing. Besides, the system generated his enterprise’s name (


His expertise in law later helped him solve a moratorium of his liquor license in Gastown. The liquor license approval delayed because the location was in a residential neighborhood. The people of Gastown also supported Eli to make his venture a reality. He managed to open Steamworks Brew Pub in 1995. He continues to expand the place through his top brands such as Pale Ale and Pilsner.

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