Alex Hern: Working Towards the Future

Entrepreneur, Alex Hern, has been in the business for over 25 years. His focus has been on up and coming companies and the development of technology companies. Hern has served as a Director and Founder on several early stage companies throughout his career in the technology industry. All of which have stemmed to be profitable and beneficial to his wealth and reputation in the industry.

Alex Hern’s idea for the Tsunami came from his realization that as they entered and shifted from the CPU-driven computer decade there was going to be a need for new technologies and software to become available. He wanted to leverage new capabilities of the graphic procession available on PCs and mobile devices. Read more about Alex Hern at

Spending 4-5 hours each day concentrating on one thing allows Alex Hern to advance in Hern’s career endeavors and obtain his goals with his company. He does not believe in “multitasking” when it comes to his work. Studies show that the more we try to do and the more tasks you take on at once the worse we perform. He spends most of his nights focusing on building his brand and different innovations. He focuses on technology that drives his business and how to further expand its capabilities and applications.


Although an innovator, Alex Hern does pay attention to trends. Al and machine learning is something that excites him at the moment, as well as cloud-based computer generators for graphic-intense applications. Focusing on how these technologies can be applied to augmented reality and XR. The advice he would give to young entrepreneurs is it is a marathon. Take your time. Visit Tsunamixr to learn more.