Charles Koch Commits to Significant Univerity Funding

Charles Koch is becoming a very public person these days. He runs a billion-dollar company in the form of Koch Industries and this surely absorbs a tremendous amount of his time. When Koch is not running his business ventures, he is heavily involved in political causes. Some might think this refers only to direct contributions to candidates. Actually, Charles Koch invests heavily in education as it relates to his right-leaning libertarian philosophy. A host of colleges and universities have been quite blessed by Charles Koch’s generosity.

The Charles Koch Foundation and Fred C. and Mary R. Koch Foundation have donated tens of millions of dollars over the past several years to several different institutions of higher learning. In 2014, over $23 million was funneled to numerous colleges and universities. Over a dozen schools received donations in the six-figure range. The amount of funding that the Koch Foundations have invested in various universities has increased quite a bit from year to year. Nothing indicates that the Koch family is going to slow down its funding endeavors.The purpose of the funding is to support educational pursuits in areas related to free market capitalism. The funding also seeks to promote critical studies into the negative effect of crony capitalism.

All of the information regarding Koch’s donations are available thanks to public tax documents. The documents are filed with the Internal Revenue Service.

Those who wish to learn more about Charles Koch and his endeavors may wish to read the new book he has authored. The book deals with, not too surprisingly, free markets and business management.

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