Sujit Choudhry Provides Insights on Constitutional Reforms in Ukraine

A constitution is a vital component of any country. It provides the legal framework for every activity undertaken by a government or the citizens. However, many nations are faced with a significant challenge of complete implementation of its provisions. Equally, the constitution-making process is a complex task. It involves both local and international experts to ensure that the final document is realistic and custom-made for a particular jurisdiction.

Among the best experts is Sujit Choudhry, the Director of the Centre for Constitutional Transitions. He has been involved in constitutional building processes in countries like Libya, Nepal, Egypt, South Africa and Sri Lanka.

Recently, Choudhry took part in a workshop on the semi-presidential system in Ukraine among other constitutional challenges. The event had been organized by distinguished entities like International Institute for Democracy and Electorate Assistance. The Ukraine based organizations were also joined by intergovernmental groups that promote sustainable democracy around the world.

According to Choudhry, the event was strengthened by the presence of local experts. He said that the democratization process in Ukraine has not been consistent. Choudhry attributed this to a weak political party system and a powerful presidency.

Notable experts from different organizations also graced the workshop. Among those present was Sergyl Holovatyi of the Constitutional Commission of Ukraine and Vladimir Vasilenko Ukraine’s representative on Human Rights among others. The roundtable participants provided insightful inputs that were expected to address the identified challenges.

Choudhry advised those involved in the constitution making process to come up with policy-based options to support the reform process. He went ahead to point out they can acquire objective information from scholars through case studies and articles.

About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is well established as an educator and expert in constitutional law and democracy. He has a range of experience since he has worked in many nations. He is the Dean of Dean of Berkeley School of Law at the University of California and a Professor of Law at the I. Michael Heyman. He has some awards to his name including “Trailblazer” award. Before pursuing Law at the University of Oxford, Choudhry was studying biological studies.

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Jorge Moll: Biological Morals

In 2006, Neuroscientist Jorge Moll and his partner, Jordan Grafman, had conducted an experiment intent on finding the differences between giving to others and keeping things to oneself. Many volunteers were called upon for this experiment, which had them choosing whether to donate the money they received from the experiment, or to simply pocket it all. The volunteers brains were carefully scanned so as to see any chemical and physical changes as these actions took place. What was found had Jorge Moll excited.

The volunteers that decided to donate the money to various charities of their choosing had an interesting brain activity; the area nearest the forehead, the prefrontal cortex, lit up just as it did for those who decided to keep the cash. However, other parts of the brain that light up when humans receive positive stimulation, such as sex or food, also became active. Those who chose to keep the money did not have this stronger reaction, showing that, by giving the money to charitable causes, the brain receives a far strong reward stimulation.

Jorge Moll and his partner, Grafman, have determined that those who give more, who behave in a way that is more “morally acceptable“, receive the bigger rewards physically and mentally. Jorge Moll speculates that through this experiment, they can say that there are many moral impulses -especially giving- are biological. Our brains make us feel good when we give, making it a win-win situation for both parties involved.

Jorge Moll points out that this is hardly the first times humans have said that giving to others is a great way to feel good, as many spiritual/religious leaders have also stated such. Jorge Moll refers to Saint Francis of Assisi, who has said “For it is in giving that we receive.”

Experiments conducted by many others are also referenced, particularly one in which rats have proven to be empathetic to each other; going as far as refusing to eat so that another rat is spared an electric shock (

Jorge Moll is far from done with researching this subject, but he has provided the public with something to think about when it next comes time to helping others.


Glen Wakeman – Global Business Executive and Traveler

Glen Wakeman is known as a top notch entrepreneur, management expert, and start-up business consultant. He has built his impeccable reputation by working in various high level management positions with multiple companies. Those different positions led him to live in 6 different countries and work in 32. With a market full of different business advisers he has become the obvious choice for any entrepreneur that wants the best chance of building a long term successful business.

Although Glen has accomplished many great things in his professional life, he still remains humble in his success ( Not only does he possess the knowledge of what it takes to be successful as a high level business executive, he is also no stranger to working manual labor jobs.

He once described the worst job he ever worked during college in order to pay the bills. Glen was the bathroom cleaner in an automobile factory. It was a dirty job however it taught him 2 valuable lessons that stick with him to this day. Those lessons are always take pride in your work and always be grateful for any opportunity in life that comes your way. (Glenwakeman) graduated from The University of Scranton with a BS in economics and finance and from The University of Chicago with an MBA in finance.

Today Glen is the CEO of his company LaunchPad Holdings LLC. The company was founded in 2015 and it was created to help new entrepreneurs take an idea and turn it into a viable business plan. Glen also helps companies grow by implementing his own 4 step approach to business focusing on risk management, human capital, leadership power, and execution of business. He also encourages new entrepreneurs to immerse themselves in as many aspects of their business as possible. This strategy helps the owner get a great understanding of day to day operations and build transparency between employees and management.

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Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Offers Rewarding Careers Working With Cancer Patients

Created With The Mother Standard In Mind

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America were created with “The Mother Standard” in mind. Simply put, all health professionals are expected to treat each patient as if they were their mother. Cancer Treatment Centers of America were created by Richard J Stephenson in 1988 after the passing of his mother. He saw that there was a need for a better standard of cancer care for cancer patients. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is also a pioneer in empowered care, which gives the caregivers and patients more control over the type of care that they receive.

Rapidly Expanded From Zion, Illinois

Cancer Treatment Centers of America was created in Zion, Illinois. This program was known creating the mother standard of care. Cancer Treatment Centers of America sought to expand from this location into a more permanent facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma. One year later, the Midwestern Regional Medical Center opened as a perfect healing environment. Southwestern Regional Medical Center opened in Tulsa which was also the only cancer hospital in Oklahoma.

Patients Turn To Cancer Treatment Centers of America For A Solution

For patients whom have been affected by cancer, they turn to Cancer Treatment Centers of America for a solution to their problems. Cancer can have a devastating affect on a person’s quality of life, which is why there are so many different skill sets required at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Physicians, clinicians, administrative professionals, managers, and recent graduates all can find opportunities within the Cancer Treatment Centers of America to make a huge difference in the life of a person whom has been affected by cancer.

Opportunities For Oncology Trained Individuals

For individuals whom have training in the field of oncology, Cancer Treatment Centers of America offers a two-year fellowship. The aim of this program is to train the next generation of medical oncologists. Individuals are trained to manage tumors, especially so in a clinical setting. Oncology-trained professionals get experience in working with people whom have multiple malignancies. These professionals also get trained in osteopathic methods of cancer treatment with exposure to a wide range of professionals with experience in diagnosis and management.

Additional Opportunities For Allied Health Professionals

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America also has a high demand for individuals whom are allied health professionals. RNs and medical assistants are also in high demand. These individuals are part of the care process as well, because they deliver and coordinate the systems that are crucial to patient care. Often, nurses whom work at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America have been trained in oncology settings.

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The Quality Solutions of Boraie Development and the Opening of New Jersey Real Estate Industry

New Jersey was always considered as one of the hottest real estate markets in the United States with its densely populated cities. During the financial crisis period, the state witnessed one of the biggest slowdowns of the industry with numerous foreclosures as well as delinquent cases. The New Jersey real estate sector was trailing behind other states, and this continued until recently. But, per the latest report by Philly Purge, the industry is on its way to a comeback. Per Zillow, the number of delinquency and foreclosure cases have significantly reduced in the recent months, and the industry showed the signs of revival.

When the industry is coming back, there is another serious issue is facing the entire industry – the shortage of supply. While a majority of New Jersey towns are facing the issues of shortage of inventory, an inflated pricing is expected across the industry. It may also compel the thousands of vacant homes, either second homes or vacation homes, hitting the market to utilize the pricing wave expected in the coming months. The government data also showed that there is a decline in the building permits in the recent months. For more details visit Crunchbase.

While the majority of the cities of the state show a similar trend, some cities are leveraging the high demand with an excellent inventory of apartments and homes. New Brunswick is the ideal example for this trend, and some of the highest quality developers based in the city like Boraie Development ensured that they are offering excellent housing solutions to its residents and people who wanted to invest there. As a leading developer of the region, Boraie Development is offering a comprehensive real estate experience to its customers by bringing best contractors, architects, and strong financial institutions together. It showcases reliability, capitalism, and vision in each of its projects. While giving preference to the residential real estate, Boraie Development also focuses on hotel assets, retail, entertainment, and commercial space. Check out

The real estate development firm was established by Omar Boraie in 1972 as he wished to change the sky of the city. He foresaw the development needs of the city as its proximity to New York City. The expansion plans of Boraie Development helped the city to create a significant business base, and that gave more influx to it. Apart from real estate development, the firm is also involved in marketing and sales, and property management. The real estate developer also invested in other cities in the state including Newark, Milltown, and Montgomery.

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Jorge Moll: Why You Should Give To Gain

Sympathy is probably the strongest human instinct. According to neuroscientists in their continuous research, there is power in giving. Jorge Moll as one of the key contributors demonstrates through various experiments how the human brain positively responds to acts of kindness. The scientists disagree with previous research work, for instance, Charles Darwin’s survival for the fittest theory. According to the Darwin notion, people are wired to fend for themselves thus individual happiness and satisfaction. Nonetheless, Jorge Moll in collaboration with experts in neuroscience demonstrates how the first instinct in a human being is helping others.

The brain experts compare a human brain’s reaction to acts of love or receiving money to a reaction when giving to charity. Jorge Moll explains how the human brain is excited on practicing altruism rather than keeping the resource or time to themselves. The scientists explain the principle of “wounded healer” through Nemcova and Atlee, a couple which was separated for life by a Tsunami. While the two were on vacation, their bungalow was swept off. This was the last time Nemcova saw Atlee. Despite her survival, she was physically and emotionally injured.

However, few weeks after discharge from the hospital she embarked on a mission to help residents of Thailand that were affected by the Tsunami. Ordinarily, Nemcova would have chosen to travel far and get time alone to heal, but she chose to go back to the devastating environment. Such decisions strike questions and debates on what drives altruism in human beings and whether there are benefits attached.

In an email shared by Jorge Moll, the neuroscientists prove that there is fulfillment and happiness in giving one’s resources and time. Serving and taking care of others is the underlying function of gene replication in human beings. When two people are struggling with similar conditions, the one that reaches out to help gains self-confidence and decreases depression. According to Jorge Moll, there is selfishness in giving because when one strives to make another person happy, the helper becomes happier (

Jorge Moll is a 1994 medical graduate of Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He specializes in moral cognition and cognitive neuroscience. Jorge is also renowned for his specialization in neuropsychiatric patients. Moll is also the founder of the Unit for Cognitive Neuroscience

What Is Comparative Study And Who Is Sujit Choudhry

Comparative constitutional law is not as complicated as it might sound. This field of study brings together professional minds in the legal world of democracy and pushes them to find solutions for society. There are more advances that democracy must undergo before we can truly support the case of it being perfect.

The examination we give democracy is grounded on what professionals like Sujit Choudhry help to reveal to our world in whole ( There’s a vast transformation within all nations of this world, and it requires that we look at our past to gauge the best path for our future.

The Center For Constitutional Law

The practice of comparative constitutional law forwards an analytical objective in the legal world. Transition is the term used to define a process nations undergo when becoming democratic states or as they improve the republic order of their own constitution. This is where the Center Of Constitutional Transition comes into play.

The agency was founded by Sujit Choudhry and to aide the transformation of this planet.  Click for more of his works.  The united virtues, lived by the democratic countries of the world, endured a process of analysis before being held to their agreed consensus. This analysis is intricate and is best done with those having the most experience.

Unfolding World Issues

World issues, in the hands of Sujit Choudhry, cover every topic, concern and challenge of our modern world. Sujit has helped a variety of nations to change from dictatorship to an organized body that elects its leaders. The work is ongoing and steadily shows the potentials of this modern society. Additional article on

Every unfolding beat reflects who we are today, who we were in the past and who will most likely become. Sujit Choudhry begins with a comparative process. The process helps to identify better solutions and the best resources we have to build new constitutions with.

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End Citizens United Targets Special Election

     Conor Lamb is going to prove absolutely essential to the coming blue wave this year. His possible victory in Pennsylvania will give Democrats a sign of what might come and how to prepare. The 18th district of Pennsylvania is going to be a closely watched race with implications across the state. The press is already on this race slated for March and the anticipation is driving large amounts of interest into the state. How things will go in the coming days is going to say a lot. Lamb has a battle ahead but it’s going to be an important one to win.

The March special election has some parallels with the special election of last December. In that election we saw Republicans with high expectations of victory see their chances go down the drain as Doug Jones defeated Roy Moore. His success isn’t something to scoff at or chalk up to a fluke. It represents the fact that the Trump movement has peaked and we are already seeing it fade away. If fades away fast enough we may very well see 2018 spell an entirely different moment for politics in America. People are getting tired of what they’re being offered by the right and they want to see big money leave politics.

End Citizens United is supporting Conor Lamb because they believe he has the perfect opportunity to help remove big money from politics. After the Citizens United decision it became very obvious that there was something going on we couldn’t appreciate. We were losing our democracy to those who had profit motivations. Something needed to be done in order to ensure that Americans would have the ability to decide exactly how their politics would go. This was just one way to make sure that we finally reach that point.

We don’t need to guess to understand how the special election is going to change things. It has already scared Republicans by showing that people have a desire to see something besides what they want to offer. The Democrats are the ones with the ability to change things and the ability to give people what they are looking for. End Citizens United is hoping to turn this year into a major comeback for the fight against big money in politics. They just need to make sure that we have fully embraced what they are going to be offering the voters today.

See, End Citizens United PAC wants to make its name a reality.

Sujit Choudhry is a Leading Constitutional Law Expert Chosen to help the Ukrainian Government

Sujit Choudhry is a leading figure in the world of constitutional law. This man has been an advisor that has assisted in the constitutional building process of many nations including South Africa, Jordan, Egypt and Sri Lanka (  He has a keen insight into constitutional governments and what they need to thrive. Sujit’s in-depth knowledge and practical experience makes him one of the best in this field.

The Ukrainian government has been undergoing a lot of problems with stability. There are many reasons why this government cannot remain stabilized for its people. The primary reason has to do with how this nation defines itself. Over the years, Ukraine has switched its governmental system back and forth between the political parties that have been vying for control of this nation. There are communists, democrats and pro-Ukrainian parties. Each of these different groups bring their own brand of politics when they take power.

Sujit Choudhry knows that the Ukrainian government will always be in turmoil until the nation can figure out how to consolidate these parties. Truthfully, it is extremely challenging for one party to gain control in the land. That is why constitutional law experts like Choudhry is needed. He is there to help them to find a practical situation to the formation of their government (

When Choudhry is not helping nations to establish their government, he is working hard as a law professor at the University of California, Berkeley. He is also the Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. Choudhry also provides very important lectures to many nations and developing countries around the world. (  Many people find his work to be respectable and they typically invite him out to events and programs regarding the subject of constitutional law. Sujit Choudhry is truly one of the best constitutional legal experts in his field.

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