Paul Mampilly the Outspoken Investor will be a Guest Speaker at Total Wealth Symposium in 2018

In 1991 Paul Mampilly started his career on Wall Street at Bankers Trust where he worked as an assistant portfolio manager. His expertise in investment helped him progress to other top positions in the ING and the Deutsche Bank where he was managing multi-dollar accounts. The American businessman and investor were later recruited by Kinetics Assets Management where he oversaw the firm’s hedge funds. During his leadership, the firm’s assets grew by $25 Billion, making the company gain recognition as the World’s Best hedge funds provider. He also worked in a private Swiss bank and even the Royal Bank of Scotland. As proof of his prowess, he won a competition for Templeton Foundation Investment. Follow Paul on Twitter.

At 42 years Paul Mampilly became tired of the position at Wall Street and shifted his focus to helping the American people to take advantage of the opportunities of their investments. Paul Mampilly founded the Profit Unlimited, and he is currently the senior editor. The firm operates around stocks, and he believes the venture will progress due to his expertise in the business. He also writes for an investment company named Banyan Hill Publishing, which has $80 million of assets. The firm provides investment strategies and helps people grow their investments and explore other better opportunities.

The Total Wealth Symposium is an event that is held each year, to help the investors by addressing various topics are of their interests. Paul Mampilly and his partners have an excellent plan for the symposium in the year 2018. The group wants to assist the attendees of the event earn $1 million by the year 2019. The investors who attended the event last year got profits that were amounting to 1665 percent. The brilliant investors Paul Mampilly a financial assistant, Matt Badiali a professor of geology, Ted Bauman a business consultant, Jeff Yastine a financial journalist and Ian King analyzer of financial markets will be the guest of honor who will address the audience on that day.

The symposium attendees are going to get informed with the best winning ideas by the brilliant speakers. They will have broad information on how to invest in 2018 and the other coming years. The attendees will now obtain the knowledge on how they can get a profit of $1 Million before the year ends. Like for instance the expert in technology with be addressing the audience of that changing trends in technology in the coming years. It’s going to be a profitable event for entrepreneurs worldwide. Learn more:



Bruno Fagali: Why You Need A Reliable And Experienced Lawyer

If you are in need of a Regulatory or Administrative Law expert in Brazil, check out Bruno Fagali. Corporations and businesses can benefit tremendously by enlisting the services of a highly knowledgeable and experienced attorney.

Looking for one of the best lawyers for your situation? Perhaps your case has to do with Administrative Law, Ethics or Regulatory Law. Bruno Fagali is an expert in these areas. He also caters to clients who are dealing with Urban Law and Compliance cases.

Having a powerful attorney by your side will give you confidence that your legal trouble will be resolved appropriately. As a competent lawyer, Bruno addresses simple and complex legal problems for a wide variety of businesses and organizations.

You will know from your consultation with a lawyer if he or she is trustworthy and reliable. You will be able to make sure that the lawyer will deliver on his or her promise. It is extremely important to have everything in writing. That way, you can rest assured that you have proof of your discussion or agreement. In the event of a disagreement or other issue, you will be able to present evidence. Any lawyer who feels reluctant to put things in writing should be avoided.

Reputable lawyer do not do anything that will tarnish their reputation. They treat others as they would want to be treated. When it comes to finding a reputable or reliable law firm or lawyer in Brazil, look no further than Bruno Fagali.

Business litigation is something that any corporate executive or entrepreneur should take seriously. It is imperative that you take steps to protect your business or organization from the negative impacts of a lawsuit or legal problems. With a good lawyer by your side, you can rest assured that your business or your personal profile will be well protected.

Bruno Fagali handles a wide variety of legal issues for clients and he makes it a priority to obtain a great outcome for them. He will take the time to review the case and come up with the right strategy to deal with the situation.

Don’t let anyone tell discourage you from getting a lawyer to advise you. It is crucial to enlist the services of a professional or an expert whenever you find yourself in a legal trouble. There are many lawyer out there but you need someone who is well versed in addressing the type of case you’re dealing with.

Tempus Raises 80 Million For Cancer Research Treatments With Help Of Eric Lefkofsky

A Chicago based technology company specializing in helping with cancer research has just reached unicorn status by raising another 80 million dollars in funds for their company in order to continue with their research towards finding personalized cancer treatments for patients. This company is known as Tempus. Co-founded by Eric LefKofsky Tempus has a mission to serve patients and their loved ones with a huge amount of support through a difficult time in their lives. Finding out you have cancer can be very traumatic for some people but Tempus provides patients and their families with the resources they need to get through such a difficult time.

Tempus Labs uses technology that raising money has provided them with in order to take a closer look at cancer patients tumors and figure out the best options for them to effectively get rid of their tumor depending upon factors such as how big the tumor is, the stage in which cancer may be, and where the tumor is located. Tempus Labs works closely with many different cancer research foundations the most popular one being Mayo Clinic. Tempus Labs has raised a total of 210 million dollars since they started their lab a little over 2 years ago.

Eric Lefkofsky, Co-founder of Tempus Labs is most well know for the Lefkofsky Family Foundation which was founded in 2006 by his wife Liz and him. Their foundation has an emphasis on enhancing the quality of human life which is exactly what he is doing by being apart of Tempus labs is enhancing the quality of human lives not only for current cancer patients but also for people who may have cancer in the future. By finding better ways to handle cancer and treat it in patients Tempus Labs is making a huge difference in enhancing the quality of human life.

As modern technology progresses and Tempus Labs continues to grow their team as well as raise more money towards their mission they will find themselves at a huge success stage and ultimately will have made a huge impact on enhancing the lives of humans not only now but in the future.

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Bob Reina: He Has It All

Bob Reina is someone that truly has it all in life, but he is still a great human being that is looking to help out as many people as possible. As a matter of fact, when he talks about all of his charity work, it is not because he wants a pat on the back and it is not because he wants people to tell him how great he is and what a wonderful human being he is. It is because he wants other people with wealth and power to do the same. He is looking to influence people in a positive way. Bob Reina believes that sometimes people need someone else to do something before they do it themselves.


Bob Reina has always been a trailblazer and always will be a trailblazer. That is how he lives his life as the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, the award winning and state-of-the-art video technology company. It is for anyone that has dared to dream and gone after what is important in life. They refuse to settle for anything less than the best and why should they? They only have one life, and it is up to them to get the most out of it.


Talk Fusion allows for that to happen for its customers each and every single day, which is something that is very, very important to Bob Reina. He wants people to be themselves and to live life on their terms. They don’t have to give in anymore and they don’t have to be unhappy with their situation. They can be happy all of the time and they can live a life that inspires other people as well. If other people are in similar situations, they can look at the person that used Talk Fusion’s video services and do the same thing they did.


Again, it all starts with one person leading the charge. When one person leads the charge and shows people the way, other people tend to follow suit. However, it takes one person with some courage to put him or herself out there and go after it. Once that person gets the ball rolling, the rest of the pieces tend to fall into place for everyone else. Bob Reina is happy to know other people are giving back to charities because they saw Bob Reina do it in the first place. Learn more:


The Chainsmokers Breakthrough in the Music Industry

Andrew Taggart and his friend Alex Pall are the two people who form the Chainsmokers band. Before they formed the group, Alex was a DJ in the city which he had done for a long from when he was young. Taggart used to be a music producer, therefore the Chainsmokers is a combination of a DJ and producer. They all decided to venture and work in music.

Adam Alpert, the man managing the band is the one who introduced the duo together. Pall grew up playing music as a DJ even though he had Business and Art History course after having graduated from New York University. On the other hand, Andrew had been at Syracuse University. When he completed the university and dealing with music production, he attended Interscope records where he was doing his internship. Even though Andrew some DJ interest, he didn’t focus on it much but he had recorded some of his songs that were original and uploaded them to the sound cloud. Adam is the one who advised Andrew to join Pall in New York and leave Maine. He is the one who managed them.

Through their time, they have achieved from the music. Alex had already retired from being a DJ. Their breakthrough in the music industry came in 2014 after hitting with their song called “selfie.” the song was accepted in the market which even became among top singles and played in most of the countries.

Later in 2010, a song ” Don’t let me down” from the Chainsmokers hit the US Billboard and rated among the hot 100 songs of the year. This is what upgraded their music to become world interest by winning the heart of many people. That song made them win Grammy awards as the best dance record music.

It was a day when Avicii who was a Sweden and a talented man was being honored. The Chainsmokers talked about him that Sunday night. It was in Las Vegas, where they said that Avicii had brought inspiration especially those who knew him and listened to his music in different ways. He always meant more in EDM community

Advisor, Author, Professor: Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is a professor at law at the University California, Berkley and the founder of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. The professor has built himself a worldwide known reputation for being an avid researcher and supporter of politics and comparative constitutional law. His work goes beyond being a professor. He has been an advisor for over two decades. He has advised many foreign leaders. He has advised on constitutional policies. He has advised on technical matters with other technical experts. He is known for arranging sessions of public dialogue for minority and civil groups. He has led stakeholder consultations. He has worked in trainings with civil leaders. As a member of the United Nations Mediation Roster and a consultant to the World Bank, he frequently engages with parliamentarians, party leaders and bureaucrats.

Learn more about his advisor, hit

As founding director for the Center for Constitutional Transitions, Sujit Choudhry works to gather information regarding the construction of constitutions. He provides an in-depth knowledge to experts on constitution building. Experts on constitutions from many countries work to study these constitutional policies. Universities, think tanks and multilateral organizations take part in Sujit Choudhry’s research studies.

The Center for Constitutional Transitions has a partnership with a democracy institute. Sujit Choudhry leads global research projects with a collaborative effort from his associates and experts, check This partnership with the Center works on constitutional transitions for territorial cleavage, security sector reform, working with engaging democracies over constitutional transitions and protecting democratic consolidation from authoritarian and partisan abuse.

The thought leader has authored several publications ( His publications include over ninety articles, chapters and several paper writings and books reports. His books and journals discuss constitutional transitions, public policy, advisory and democracy. He is a member of many societies and councils including the International Society of Public Law, the International Advisory Council of the Institute for Integrated Transitions, the Scientific Advisory Board of the International Journal of Constitutional Law, the Editorial Board of the Constitutional Court Review, the Editorial Advisory Board for the Cambridge Studies in Constitutional Law, and is an Honorary Member of the Advisory Council of the Indian Constitutional Law Review.

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Features of The Remarkable Waiakea Water

Recently, a high number of people have turned to bottled water, thus abandoning tap water. However, there are a couple of things that you should identify before purchasing your bottled water. It is important to note that the quality of bottled water differs. The difference could be in the taste, accessibility, cleanliness, as well as the PH levels of the water. Identifying the PH levels of the substances you consume in the market today is highly important. This is because overly acidic drinks and foods can harm the body.

Regardless of the numerous brands of bottled water in the market, Waiakea has retained the top position on the list as a result of its alkalinity. This water has natural alkalinity, thus ensuring that it is not in the acidic range making it healthy for the human body. The water provides numerous volcanic health benefits as compared to all other types of bottled water. This water originates from the Mauna Loa region which experiences rainfall on most days of the year if not all. As it is one of the rainiest places in the world, there is a constant supply of water.

About Waiakea

The source of Waiakea water is at an isolated area at the eastern side of the Mauna Loa volcano. This area is surrounded by bio-diverse and rich forest preserves, thus facilitating the production of the best fresh water in the world. Waiakea has been working together with Ecometrica and CarbonNeutral companies to measure and moderate the impact of the environment on the business and the water to net zero.

The Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is a source of healthy hydration to the human body. For individuals with quite active lifestyles, the one-liter sized bottle is the most recommendable as it provides significant hydration. With this bottle, you get to quench your thirst as you enjoy the health benefits of the water filled in the Waiakea sleek and eco-friendly bottles.

This Hawaii volcanic water is the first certified beverage and CarbonNeutral water that has been bottled. In addition, every purchased bottle profoundly impacts the social programs involved by the Waiakea company. This volcanic water is naturally filtered as it passes through porous volcanic rocks that provide it with natural health benefits. Some of these benefits include being rich in electrolytes and minerals, as well as being naturally alkaline.

The Iconic Ryan Seacrest

Over the years, Ryan Seacrest has become a household name. But millions of Americans know him specifically because of his appearance on the show American Idol by ABC. In 2018, Seacrest is reprising his role as host of the show. Secreast, however, is more than just his American Idol appearance.

Seacrest is well known for his work in television and for his role as the host of a popular radio show, On Air with Ryan Seacrest. This once-weekly morning show is a Top 40 format for the current Top 40 most popular hits in the United States. He has worked in local radio as well as nationally broadcast programs.

Ryan Seacrest is associated with other television shows such as Live with Kelly and Ryan, E! Live from the Red Carpet, and Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest. He has been associated with programs in both cable and broadcast television, making him a versatile entertainer. More about this can be read on his Instagram account.

His menswear collection, Ryan Seacrest Distinction, is sold at Macy’s stores throughout the country. He is also associated with Polished by Dr. Lancer, which is a line of skincare products exclusively made for men.

Besides his work as an entertainer and entrepreneur, Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) is also widely known for his philanthropy. Seacreast supports the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and serves as chairman of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. This foundation has made big strides in supporting numerous pediatric hospitals across the United States of America.

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Dr. Eric Forsthoefel the Emergency Medical Specialist

Dr Forsthoefel works in Tallahassee as an emergency medical doctor and is affiliated with the Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare, Florida. He attended Louisville School of Medicine in New Orleans where he graduated in 2012 and has been among the 26 emergency doctors in Tallahassee Memorial Health Care. He finished his residency at the Louisiana State University and other than English, his practice also supports Spanish.

An emergency doctor is a specialist handling extremely dangerous and urgent conditions. These experts work in emergency rooms (ERs) of medical facilities where they take care of trauma, cardiac distress, fractures and other conditions of serious nature. These physicians are purposely trained to make acute decisions to safe life and treat patients during critical situations that are a threat to the life of an individual.

Being an ER doctor, he must blend his six years’ experience with a lot of knowledge acquired from the full range of medical areas of interest to be ready to treat persons suffering from a wide scope of conditions including injuries and acute illnesses. He has given his services to over 627 patients of different ages, gender and background, with care and average level professionalism. However, his rating has been poor due to some of his patients complaining of unsatisfying services administered by him.

In his ratings by a patient he had treated, he showed patience and true concern for the patient who had breathing problems, congestion and cough, usually flu symptoms which was serious for this patient due to the patient’s complex medical condition. Dr Forsthoefel listened to the patient, took time to understand the patient’s past medical records and made sure he gave the patient the best medication as per the patient’s conditions.

Dr. Forsthoefel has been receiving great ratings because he is able to treat all his patients with great compassion and care. He has been able to treat patients suffering from a wide range of illnesses, conditions and injuries while he has been at the ER. In risky situations he is able to incorporate what he learnt and his vast experience to offer the best care.

Master Limited Partnerships joins with freedom checks to empower investors

Freedom checks have become the new talk of the day especially on the social media platforms because most of the people think that it is a scam. The main reason that they believe it is a scam is that they have a lot of benefits that most of the people feel that they are too good to be real. Checks were introduced by Matt Badiali who is a successful and one of the most prominent investors in the United States. He has been talking about the checks in various social media platforms to try to make people understand how the checks operate, the companies that are qualified to issue freedom checks and the requirements for companies to offer Checks.

According to Matt Badiali, freedom checks are a form of investments which are said to be legit because of the many benefits they have to investors. They are issued by the Master Limited Companies that specialize in the production, transportation, storage and distribution of oil and gas in the United States. The partnerships are not taxed as ordinary corporations because they combine the benefits of a partnership with those of a public company. This is one of the benefits that investors enjoy by investing with the Master Limited Companies because they do not pay the income taxes meaning that their net income on their investments is much higher than an investor who has invested in other companies. Read this article at

For the master Limited Companies to qualify to issue the checks, they must have 90% of their income generated from specific operations which are the production, transportation, and storage of oil and gas across the United States. Another requirement is that the companies must be in a position to issue the checks to the shareholders on an annual basis.

Matt Badiali says that those people who think that checks are a scam because of the many benefits should understand that the freedom checks are not given for free. But what he is doing with the idea of checks is to sell membership of the Master Limited Companies where he recommends only five master Limited Partnership companies for the investors to invest in.

Besides, Matt Badiali being an educated person and with vast experience in the financial sector, it’s enough for the investors to trust his freedom checks as a legit investment opportunity with enormous amounts of benefits rather than taking it as a scam.