Whitney Wolf Herd Hires New Creative Heads For Bumble Bizz And Bumble BFF

Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Bumble app now has a new advantage. The television producers and actresses Sara and Erin Foster have been officially announced as the new creative heads for Bumble Bizz, and Bumble BFF. The ideas between Whitney Wolf Herd and the Foster’s include panels, dinners, and TV shows with companies led by women. When Sara and Erin Foster spoke at the panel for Women in Entertainment regarding their careers, Whitney Wolfe Herd was not in the market for any new employees. This changed when the women began discussing they ways women motivate one another regarding business, and female friendships.

Whitney Wolf Herd was extremely taken by the passion the sisters revealed for Bumble’s mission, and their excitement. She decided she could not live without them. Sara and Erin are best known for their satire, and are expected to bring the company a fresh perspective. Sara felt the opportunity was about inclusion, and spoke of Bumble as a place a woman could be clever, creative, be a part of conversations, and find friends. Both women are impressed and inspired by Whitney Wolfe Herd. Erin sees her as a woman on a mission who never overcompensates. Sara simply said she is both a boss and humble, with a genuine happiness for other women’s success.

The sister talked about a lot of ideas before they officially began their plans for Bumble. Whitney Wolf Herd admits she was not looking to hire a creative lead for Bumble Bizz or Bumble BFF. She was not interested in looking at the currently famous, or in forming any type of attachment with them. She simply wanted someone capable of making the rally cry regarding her brand using a passion she couldn’t.

The sisters plan for the rest of 2017 are to focus on Bumble’s brand awareness. They want to inspire honesty, laughter, and make women realize the perceptions of the stars of Hollywood are fake. The sisters included themselves in this statement. They simply want to help women feel better. Their focus will shift in 2018, and deal with the apps content, and dinners and panels to bring together the influencers and the users. The plan is to establish more partnerships with companies run by women. A new Hive is being planned, with a networking lounge like the ones in Los Angeles and New York. The hub will be for real-life connections and conversations to bring powerful women together.

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Paul Mampilly- Business Mogul Guiding Everyday Investors

Paul Mampilly suggests that first-time investors must pay attention to new technological developments as they drive the bull markets. He predicted that Americans will have a preference for electric vehicles over cars that need gas. The maintenance of electric vehicles is less complex as they only have three parts that move. Therefore, the investment of electric vehicles is appealing to investors. Investment in genetic testing companies is also recommended as genetic testing allows for accurate disease diagnosis and proper treatment. Food delivery systems focusing on healthy menus are a favorable investment because people are less likely to eat out. Mr. Mampilly enjoys tracking millennials as he sees that they are beneficial for the U.S. economy.

Mampilly is famous for his Profits Unlimited newsletter, which has 60,000 subscribers. It has eight pages and is published on a monthly basis. He was the winner of an Templeton Foundation investment competition in 2009 as he turned $50 million into $88 million, and his Linkedin.

Paul Mampilly founded Capuchin Consulting and Capuchinomics at the same time in January 2013. He has been featured on television networks, such as Bloomberg TV and CNBC. Paul Mampilly started his finance career at the Deutsche Bank in 1991. Account management was Mampilly’s first role at the Deutsche Bank. Then, he was promoted to assistant portfolio manager and portfolio manager.Paul was also account manager at the Royal Bank of Scotland. For five years, Mampilly served as senior portfolio manager at Kinetics Asset Management. He was an author and analyst at three companies: Stansberry Research, Agora Financial, and Common Sense Publishing. Paul Mampilly was a research analyst at Deutsche Asset Management and ING Funds. After the 2008 and 2009 financial crisis, he retired at age 42 to be an author for the Winner Investor Daily.

Mr. Mampilly completed his Bachelor’s in Business Administration at Montclair State University. His concentrations were accounting and finance. While studying as an undergraduate, he worked as an account assistant at Chatham Street Management. As a graduate student, Paul got his MBA in Finance from the Fordham Graduate School of Business. He has taken continuing education courses in economics and financial engineering. Mamphilly went to elementary school in India and completed his high school education in the United Arab Emirates.

Mampilly has also demonstrated a commitment to social responsibility. He was a volunteer teacher for Working In Support of Education and Junior Achievement of New York, and Paul on Facebook.

George Soros Philanthropy on another Level

George Soros, a billionaire hedge fund manager of Soros Fund Management, is a well-known active philanthropist. Recently, Mr. Soros gave $ 18 billion to his organization known as Open born in 1930 Society Foundation, according to NY Times. This savings has been happening for years, but it was discovered recently and has transformed the foundation making it the second-biggest philanthropic organization. Moreover, this reputation gave Soros more opportunities to be involved in social and political activities to take part in meaningful debates.

Open Society Foundation was established over 30 years ago with George Soros. The foundation was primarily founded to promote human and democracy rights in over 120 nations. In 2014, the organization donated to treatment centers during the Ebola outbreak and also to a center of Roma art to promote their culture. Moreover, after the 2016 elections in the United States, the foundation made efforts to protect people from what is illustrated as a national wave of hate incidents. Later, George donated $ 10 million to prevent vices such as violence.

Mr. George Soros was raised in a humble background that is why he is passionate about giving back to the society because he understands their struggles. George was born in 1930 in Hungary in a residential area called Nazi. Unfortunately, there was a war which left over 500,000 Hungarian Jews murdered. Fortunately Soros Jewish family managed to escape the massacre by faking their identity papers and also helped other families do the same. Read this article on Politico about George.

He left Budapest for London in 1947 where he worked part-time as a railway porter and a nightclub to fund his education at the London School of Economics. He migrated to the United States in 1956 to enter the finance world, and after working hard, he established Soros Fund Manager in 1970. In 1992, George made a $ 1 billion short against the British pound which gave him billions of profit and branded him the name the man who broke the Bank of England.

As George’s fortune grew, he began supporting democracy and human rights through his foundation Open Society Foundation. He used to donate annually to the organization around $ 800 million or 900 million, but this year he increased all the way to $ 18 billion with a $ 2 billion expected to come. This donation will benefit countries such as Asia for years to come according to Forbes.

The name of the foundation came from Karl Popper’s book “Open Society and Its Enemies.” George loves the philosophy in the book where Karl argues that no philosophy can determine the final truth. Popper adds that communities can only improve when it advocates for the freedom of expression, democratic governance, and respect for individual rights. Follow George Soros on twitter.com.

George officially became a philanthropist in 1979 when he gave scholarships to South Africans students under apartheid. Moreover, he contributed to the promotion of the exchange of ideas in Communist Hungary to preserve their culture. George has helped many organizations and has also featured in politics by funding some aspirants who have great ideas and also protesters who are fighting for their rights. George is passionate about helping the society.

Securus Technologies Changing How Prison Violence is Addressed

If you had to work inside the prison I am employed, most would not last the day. The crowded conditions in our facility mean that inmates are right up and close to every officer working today. If we have to patrol the yard, the inmates have us severely outnumbered and we could be in significant danger if they rallied together against us. When inmates attack rival gang member with weapons, me and my fellow officers must get in that mix and that is where the chance for an officer to get hurt occurs.


Employing more officers is not something the budget could sustain, so officers are given ways to deal with violence that does seem to be having a huge positive impact on the facility as a whole. Case in point, we reached out to Securus Technologies to bring in their telephone call monitoring system to replace the unit we have been using for decades. Right out of the gate we realized this was going to change things quickly because officers are no longer required to sit in that call center and listen to the inmates, it all runs by way of software now.



Securus Technologies has already improved the conditions in well over 2,000 jails in this country, and now our facility was about to experience a transformation. Within hours of the telephone monitoring system in place and running, we were getting alerts to all sorts of issues. Now we get a jump on trouble like when an inmate is taking about how he uses drugs in his cell, how he has a weapon at the ready for a rival gang fight, or when he is begging family to sneak in some medication through our visitor center. The facility has had less violent incidents and everyone is safer as a result now too.


Dr. Mark McKenna Talks About his Career

Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical doctor and businessperson who has participated in a number of business ventures in both the real estate and wellness industries. He has recently sat down for an interview to talk about his career. One of the things he talked about was the idea of forming a company known as OVME. According to Dr. Mark McKenna, he said that he named the company after working in the medical aesthetics industry for a number of years. He also talked about his typical day in which he gets up goes to work, has dinner with his family, trains in jiujitsu and also works on his businesses at night. Dr. Mark McKenna has revealed in a recent interview that one of the ways in which he has experienced a lot of business success is McKenna’s strategy of surrounding himself with people that are smarter than him.

Over the years Dr. Mark McKenna has been involved in both the medical and real estate industries. Before he started his career, he attended college and would go on to medical school. He would complete his medical education at Tulane University. At this college he would earn his medical degree and then serve his residency as a surgeon. After he completed his residency, he would then begin practicing with his father. While he was practicing as a surgeon, he would get involved in the real estate and mortgage industries. He founded a real estate investment company and a mortgage lending company. These two businesses were very successful for a number of years. However, with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, his business interests were lost. However, Dr. Mark McKenna would help rebuild his community by putting together low to moderate income housing for displaced residents.

After helping with the relief efforts in New Orleans, Dr. Mark McKenna would move to Atlanta, Georgia and get involved in the wellness industry. Dr. Mark founded company known as OVME which specialized in providing medical aesthetics. With this company, he was able to help make a positive impact on the healthcare industry. Along with founding a successful wellness company, Mark McKenna enjoys spending time with this wife, children and pet Pomeranian dog. This allows Mark to have a very fulfilling and balanced life outside of work.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a new technology that gets defined as the ability of a machine or a system to perform tasks that essentially require human intelligence. Such includes reasoning, generalizing, and making informed decisions. AI technology aims to enable businesses to engage customers in ways that are exciting and motivating. AI has the capability to change and improve every customer interaction.

AI technology has many roles it plays in improving customer experience in shopping and funneling optimization. First and foremost, AI helps to provide product recommendations to customers from which they choose what they prefer. A machine learning marketing platform developed using AI technology helps to identify patterns of behavior of an online customer. It gets these patterns by gathering and analyzing data from different sources such as their search behavior. From this analysis, the platform can determine the kind of experience the customer expects.

Secondly, AI technology provides an AI-powered matching algorithm which does visual processing when a customer is doing online shopping. It can use images instead of words to analyze a customer’s product search, optimize the results of the search and return similar products. It helps the customer to get what he or she loves and is looking for within a short time and less hassle.

Thirdly, AI technology helps in the personalization of customer experience. Each customer has a unique way of shopping and hence needs to get handled differently. AI, therefore, comes in to analyze each customer’s unique behavior. It does this by gathering intelligence about customers such analyzing consumer’s data, finding trends and preferences that even the dealers themselves may not know. This functions, in turn, helps to personalize the online shopping experience. It also allows retailers to achieve their sales targets.

AI technology is also able to improve customer service. It can provide an algorithm that can analyze and learn from the interactions between shoppers and customer care representatives. The algorithm can, in turn, use the harvested data to optimize customer interactions and handle each customer is a personalized manner.

AI technology does also help in demand forecasting especially during peak seasons. With AI technology, the retailer can know in advance the amount of product they expect to sell during a particular period. It also helps in maintaining the right product mix. As such, this gets achieved by analyzing customer shopping trends. A retailer, therefore, gets insulated from overstocking or understocking situations. Visit Sentient’s profile at Linkedin.

The Achievements Of Logan Stout And His Efforts In Empowering Communities

Logan Stout is a proficient business owner, philanthropist, entrepreneur, best-selling author, keynote speaker as well as a leadership trainer. Having made billions of dollars in proceeds throughout his career, Logan’s integrity and track record of leadership, team building, besides success principles not only restore to drive his current ventures but likewise makes logan one of the most sought-after speakers in the world.

His recent business venture is focused in the area of health and wellness. From the time it was launched in May 2014, IDLife, LLC has grown significantly with partners who include Troy Aikman, trainer Jen Widerstrom together with billionaire Darwin Deason. They are brought together by nationally recognized authors and fitness representatives on a trip to sensitize individuals on the importance of health and wellness and to create the highest quality nutritional products. In 2016, IDLife was one of the 100 Solid Top MLM corporations in the world.

Logan is zealous about assisting others to build quality leadership skills. In 2013, his book “Stout Advice” with the intent to empower and inspire the audience, while being able to leave a lasting impact on those striving to achieve their God-given potential. This book was recognized by well-known entrepreneurs Barbara Corcoran and Daymond John who stars in ABC’s Shark Tank.

He has additionally partnered individually with motivational speaker and Inc. Magazine’s “Most Admired Leadership Expert in the globe,” John C. Maxwell, to enable the provision of leadership and personal development training to all the nations of the world. Maxwell expresses, “Logan’s achievements speaks for itself. His leadership and opinions are strong indicators this book will add value to your life. Read, absorb and implement these principles.”

Logan is one of the founders and current CEO of the Dallas Patriots baseball association, where he centers on mentoring and guiding youth. This organization is now one of the biggest in the world, providing specific teams with ages six to eighteen years old with highly skilled and globally recognized instructors, coaches, training and mentoring personnel. Each graduate of the Dallas Patriots baseball society has received the chance to play college baseball, and most of them often are MLB draft picks every year. For more info about us: http://www.nutritiouseats.com/idlife/ click here.

He frequently makes guest appearances on TV, radio and at live events. He previously has been highlighted in numerous publications that include the Philadelphia Life Magazine, The Dallas Morning News, The New York Times as well as various media outlets.

How Boraie Investments influence Real Estate

Omar Boraie has had visionary breakthroughs materializing the potential of New Brunswick for over forty years now. With his latest investment, in the middle of Aspire, the city shall accommodate a fascinatingly lavish, residential high rise building. He started conceiving this project as a dream some 30 years ago, and it is to his amazement that the project is underway.

According to Central Jersey Working Moms, Omar Boraie’s real estate development has a specialty in developing eye-catching structures. He is the head of Boraie Development LLC and is proud to show off to the people who doubted his project. While doing scholarly traveling, he developed a desire to refurbish New Brunswick into the same designs as he observed in Europe. According to Omar, New Brunswick was terrible, and evening strolls were not refreshing. He believed he could make a difference, and thus his dream came to being.

At first, it seemed so outrageous to construct high rise office buildings as well as condos in New Brunswick downtown on NY Times. In the 80’s, the Albany Street Plaza Tower One came to completion, and that provided the badly needed 250,000 square feet of office space in the 1990’s.

This success led to the realization by Sam Boraie that the city needed some high-quality residential units. He then thought of a high rise building complex like that of New York City. He constructed the 25 story Spring Street Condo building with 121 units, retail shops, office space, and even a parking garage. The building came into completion in 2007.

Sophisticated rental apartments keep rising in numbers as the demand rises. This rise is primarily due to the residents living in the area, who demand that such apartments to help fit into their lifestyles in New Brunswick area. For more details visit Crunchbase.

The unit’s available range from nice studio apartments with affordable rents of $1,650. Considering all the benefits of staying at the Aspire rental units, that is quite a good deal. Also, one bedroomed apartment of up to $1800. Private terraces and balconies are also available for two bedroom options which are ideal for larger families.

The apartments feature state of the art interior finishing such as gourmet kitchen cabinetry, glass tile backsplash, quartz countertops, and in-home dryers. The houses have high-speed internet, and heating systems handy for cold weather, coupled with magnificent views of downtown.

Boraie Development deals with residential, industrial and warehouses among those it may help the clients. They design living environments for people in the area, to ensure they are within their standards.

Influence of Jason Hope in Information Technology Industry

Jason Hope is a renowned entrepreneur who primarily invests in technology, which makes him succeed in business. He is an innovative individual in the IT industry, who has knowledge and skills that help to predict the future technology that involves technological swings in the market. Mr. Hope was privileged to attend the W.P. Carey School of Business and the Arizona State University for his education. He respectively earned an MBA and a degree in finance from the schools. Jason Hope’s business in digital media solutions, computer and business systems, interactive software and marketing services are his primary source of income, which sustains his daily needs.

Inspiration from mobile communication technology enabled him to create his firm, Jawa, located in Arizona. Jason Hope has a passion for the future that motivates him to conduct research and development regarding technology. The futurist used his skills in marketing and advertising to get his first customers. He is interested in politics in the state of Arizona, which is related to business. His approach for the future inspires him to support young entrepreneurs and individuals who aspire to be businesspersons. Jason Hope uses social media as platforms to market. Experience in information technology enabled him to develop mobile applications, desktop software, and gaming software.

Jason Hope uses his assets to contribute to the Arizona community. Jason supports local organization as a way of giving back to the society. He also provides support Sens foundation, which is a humanitarian organization that improves the future of humankind. Jason pledged support to the NGO to help fight effects of aging for people to live longer and healthier lives. In 2010, he provided funds the organization with over five hundred thousand dollars that helped in research of rejuvenating diseases. Jason Hope also provides grants for high school and college students.

Jason Hope uses the power of technology to assist in improving the human condition. The futurist firmly supports the Internet of Things ideology since it’s a new wave of improvement in industries. Investing on Internet of Things helps local communities in responding to emergencies and tracking accidents using GPS. The ideology improves business by shifting operation within the firm and reducing waste. IoT boosts efficiency through incorporating devices on the same network platform, which is accessible by organizations. Large cooperations in the world consider using the Internet of Things and smart technology, which improves the safety of consumers by ensuring products are eco-friendly.

To know more visit @: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SENS_Research_Foundation

Sujit Choudhry: CEO and Founder of the Center for Constitutional Review

Sujit Choudhry is one of the most prominent business entities with a wide range of experience in the legal industry. For over three decades of professional experience as a lawyer and a multi-lateral legal expert in the field of law, Sujit Choudhry is considered as one of the most prominent people when it comes to the interpretation of the constitution., Sujit Choudhry has spoken about the constitutional review in more than 30 countries in the world. For this reason, his adoption in the industry sis regarded on a massive scale. Few people can compare his capacitation towards better business for a better innovation capability.

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For over three decades of experience in the industry, Sujit Choudhry has worked to sustain his business entities in a manner that showcases his leadership in the legal industry. Sujit Choudhry has also worked to become the most integral part of the University of California law school to be named as the new Michael Heyman Professor. Sujit Choudhry was also named as the Dean of Students at the University of California because he knew what it takes to achieve his accreditation capabilities. Sujit Choudhry has also served as the Dean of Students for the Barkley School of Law based in the United States.  Refer to blogs.law.nyu.edu for a related article.

In the past, Sujit Choudhry has also been recognized as the Cecilia Goetz Professor of Law at the University of New York. Sujit Choudhry is also recognized for his contribution to the law school of the University of Toronto. This is why he was also received as the Scholl Chair award for being the most prominent contributor of the university constitution. Perhaps this is the reason why Sujit Choudhry is recognized for being the best in the industry in a manner that is not paralleled. For over three decades of experience, Sujit Choudhry has always strived with better business as a man who honors his capabilities.  To keep up-to-date with his recent work, click researchgate,net.

Sujit Choudhry has also assisted more than 30 countries in the world to do their constitutional reviews through the Center of Constitutional Review.  Read more about his advisory work on sujitchoudhry.com.   Sujit Choudhry is also the CEO and Founder of the Center for Constitutional Review based in the United States.  To read his blogs, visit his linkedin.com page.

For added reference about his works, visit  https://independent.academia.edu/SujitChoudhry