How Eric Pulier is Changing the Tech Game

There are very few entrepreneurs living in Los Angeles who have had the sort of success that vAtomic Systems founder Eric Pulier has had. Eric Pulier was born in a small neighborhood in New Jersey and he was raised with a fascination for computers and technology. Pulier would quickly learn that his calling in life revolved around technology and he would follow it straight into adulthood. Now, Pulier is located in Los Angeles and his endeavors are enough to grab the attention of every entrepreneur seeking to follow into his footsteps. Let’s take a peek at those footsteps and see where they lead us.

A Fresh Start
Eric Pulier obviously grew up in New Jersey but he was never afraid to head to Los Angeles and embrace the big city and all of the things within it. Pulier moved to Los Angeles in 1992 after he graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard. His education at Harvard helped to prepare his mind and outlook on the things he’d need to do in order to stay competitive in a market that was absolutely booming at the time. The early ’90s were the Wild West of the tech world, it was a completely different place than it is today.

Pulier would land in Los Angeles and hit the ground running. He would immediately focus on the healthcare and education industry, making both more available for the impoverished one of his primary focuses. Pulier’s success with his first company, People Doing Things, would open up the doors for further exploration in the crowded field of entrepreneurs.

Finding Success
Being an entrepreneur in the early 90s was completely different than it is today. Back then you had to have the drive and the grit to face your failures in person. There was no wide social network to hide behind as you promoted your concepts. Pulier credits this difficult upbringing with helping him become the determined individual he is today. Now, Pulier is in charge of several foundations as well as a slew of different fast rising tech companies. The future is looking bright for the kid from Jersey.

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Nutrition boost with IDLife Company

IDLife provides a marketing platform where clients can purchase nutritional products. It is dedicated to the marketing of quality products which improve the health and vitality to the people. The unique strategy with the IDLife`s products is that they are tailored to meet the individuals’ health goals. The company, therefore, focuses on the marketing of customized products to different people in the world. IDLife is based in Frisco, Texas. For its consistency in delivery of quality products, it was featured in the DSA Magazine Issue, December 2014.

IDLife Company is the soul provision of high-quality customized nutritional vitamins and supplements in the world market. The company has an online platform, ID Assessment that collect information about prospective client. The customer is expected to sign up to be a member, and the IDLife Nutrition’s specialists use the data from the clients portal to develop a customized product that meets his/her needs.

The company goal is usually to treat a customer into his/her satisfaction. The nutritional products are tailored differently because people have different health issues, activities and lifestyle. The client has to specify the health goal so that to benefit more from the services.

IDLife Company works handily with Garmin Company. Garmin Company deals with the development of GPS devices and wearable fitness equipment, including Garmin Vivo Fitness tracker which has been designed to synchronize with the company`s IDWellness app. With the app, the clients can track their pace and daily fitness exercise as they evaluate the effectiveness of training.

IDLife Company provides three basic steps on working on your weight to live a healthy life. It is the IDLife`s ideology that people will only hit their nutritional target if they get encouraged and holds on to the use of right tools. That’s why the company is setting the pace by bringing appropriate tools and knowledge to the world market.

ID Nutrition is one of the nutritional program offered by IDLife Company. It focuses on the nutritional science rather than working out. It is also an individually customized program. The products from ID Nutrition are of exceptional quality and clinically researched and tested ingredients.

Rick Smith of Securus Technologies Leads the Firm in Excellent Service Delivery

The leadership structure of an organization dictates its performance. With good leadership come invaluable results with excellent key indicators of good governance. That is why from mid July 2008, Securus Technologies has been swimming in a plethora of excellence. The appointment of Rick Smith as the chief executive officer was interestingly a moving decision that has seen the firm grow into a productive organization. Rick Smith is the head cheerleader of Securus Technology. Since his appointment, he has exuded nothing but support in the firm. Under his guidance, the firm has risen to the top managed ranks.


Rick Smith’s appointment was influenced by his experience in technology and leadership. To the board of directors, he fit the leadership position. Smith boasts of a rich academic background thanks to his commitment to advancing his education. From technology to communications, information management and finance, Smith harbors a plethora of experiences that better define him as a perfect match for the position. With a unique skill set of upper hand knowledge in critical decision making, he has been guiding the management in production and decision making. Smith is trusted to deliver excellent results within a minute period of time.

Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is one of the leading correctional agencies that service prisons, correction facilities, public safety and the society in general. The services include providing communications gadgets to prisoners as well as the management. This is done with the aim of ensuring that the society is safe from harm. With reports indicating the importance of availing communications gadgets to prisoners, Securus took the responsibility of ensuring that prisoners enjoy these benefits. This is not only useful to inmates but also family as well as friends. For years, Securus has been developing new and high-tech gadgets for communication. With Smith on the lead of these projects, Securus has protected the society by serving over 1000 inmates across North America.


In 2009, Securus Technologies entrusted Rick Smith with the chairmanship of the firm. Since then, he has expanded the company’s ability to provide products and services. With the better programming that he initiated, Securus Technologies has achieved admirable results when it comes to offering societal protection. With a company like Global Tel Link as a competitor in the market, Rick has done a great job given that Securus registers better performance than GTL. Rick Smith understands the value of incorporating team work to achieve results. With that in mind, he has initiated a call center that is managed by Securus Technologies. The department has a team of trained technicians who provide communication platforms for inmates, friends as well as families. Securus Technologies remains a national leader since it is committed to excellence in service delivery. Its success stems from Rick Smith, the head cheerleader. His skills have played a concrete role in the development of the company.

Why James Dondero Made The Dallas Community Happy

The Dallas community is a happy lot, after James David Dondero, did one among his numerous philanthropic deeds, of reviving the glory of their heritage-the Dallas Zoo. The Dallas residents are now enjoying the sight of hippos since 2001, after the Highlands Capital that is led by James Dondero, partnered with the Dallas Foundation in constructing the Simmons Hippo Outpost. In addition, their economy has grown tremendously, due to the thousands of people who have longed to see the hippos visiting the zoo.

James is a man with wears many hats. This is because he is a multifaceted individual with several positions like the co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management, and the CEO and Board Chairman of Highland Acquisition Corporation. In addition, he is the president and chairman of the Board of Directors at NexPoint Hospitality Trust Inc., and the Board Chairman of NexBank and Cornerstone Healthcare. Since founding Highland Capital Management in 1993, it has become one of the premier investment management firms in America, currently handling an estimated 14.9 billion dollars in diverse assets. James’ Midas touch has also seen the company develop several award-winning institutional and retail investment solutions, and win two Morningstar’s awards in 2014, for being the top-ranked Healthcare Equity Fund.

James Dondero’s journey into investment management began in 1984, after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance from the University of Virginia. He promptly rose through the leadership ranks in companies like Leap Wireless International heading his company and managing his portfolio. His career has spanned the past three decades, and his success continues to reverberate in credit and equity markets throughout the country.

Aside from his passion in his career, James Dondero is also committed to helping develop his Dallas community. His company has donated to charities such as the Family Place, Dallas Zoo; Education is Freedom and the George W. Bush Presidential Library. Through his active participation and partnerships with non-profits in the area, his actions have enriched the lives of thousands of beneficiaries and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Why The Middle Age People Used Trabuco During War

Trabuco had its origins in China. This is a type of siege weapon, dating from the middle Ages. At the time of the Crusades, it was used by Europeans in war; other human beings also used it. For that time, it indeed happened to be an efficient and a terrifying weapon. Trabuco had the purpose of crushing stone walls of the enemies or shoot projectiles over them.

Trabuco mechanism consists in transforming the gravitational potential energy into kinetic energy based on Not all possible energy is converted into kinetic energy: one part dissipates in the form of heat and sound. The size of the counterweight is directly proportional to the velocity of the projectile, because the larger the counterweight, the stronger the projectile will be launched.

In contrast to catapults, Trabuco does not use any complicated mechanism. Its popularization was even for its simple manufacture and maintenance. Its prominence was also due to him being able to launch projectiles much heavier and at a greater distance than the similar arms existing until then.

According to, although capable of giving up to four shots per minute, something impressive for the time, and even compares favorably with modern heavy artillery, there were some restrictions to this weapon. Controlling the teams of human beings was difficult. It was also almost impossible to get them to pull strings with the same force for each shot. Because of these unfavorable characteristics, this form of Trabuco remained in use only until the eleventh century.

The first traction tables were operated by humans. The short end of the beam was made to be moved by people pulling attached to it. This being one of the biggest weapons in the world, it is fed by more than250 people, and hurling a 140-pound stone at 80 meters. This type of large machine was relatively rare due to the complicated logistics of controlling the large teams of operators. The traction Trabuco was taken to the Middle East by Arab merchants. They refined the design by adding weight to the short end of the arm, thus adding a little extra reach to the weapon.

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Goettl Air Conditioning: Tips to Beat the Summer Heat and Save you Money

Summer is just around the corner, and this means that the heat will be in full swing. It will be challenging for people to stay without the right cooling systems. Getting a cool place without a proper HVAC system is extremely difficult during these times. Goettl is an air conditioning company that will help you during this season without straining your tight budget. The experts at this company urge people to follow these tips so that they can save some money.

Choose only a Programmable Thermostat

People who do not have these are often forced to let their HVAC system work for more hours so that the home is kept in the perfect temperatures, regardless of the time. However, when using a programmable thermostat, the homeowner will be able to set several temperatures for different times of the day. When you are not at home, your HVAC unit will not have to work overdrive. It is also possible to program the setting in the different rooms.

  1. Check the Vents

When the vents are either closed or dirty, it will be difficult for the HVAC system to work in the right way. If you notice that one of the rooms in your house is warmer when compared to others, then there could be a closed vent. This can be caused by dust or dirt that accumulates in the vents, making it hard for them to let in fresh air that can circulate in your room.

  1. Change the Air Filters

For every home, it is important for everyone to understand that all the air filters in the HVAC system must be changed every six months. The professionals at Goettl say that it is better to change these air filters every three months for better results. Some people will prefer to change them every month. A clogged and dirty filter will block the airflow and at the end of the day reduce the efficiency of your system. Experts say that taking this simple step will reduce the amount of energy consumed by over fifteen percent.

Goettl is an air conditioning company that is currently found in Las Vegas. According to, the institution has been in the market for decades, and it has won the hearts of many people. The firm has a team of professionals who have all the expertise needed to make the temperature in your home perfect.

Securus Technologies Reasons It Scores High Marks from its Customers

Any company, irrespective of the industry they are in, had to ensure that their customers are well taken care of. When the company solves queries and problems of their clients quickly, they tend to think highly of their services. The prison industry is no different, and people using prison technology expects high customer service as well. One of the top companies in the industry that has left its competition behind is Securus technologies.

Securus technologies provide a broad range of technology services to prisons, correctional facilities and the families of the prisoners. Being in the industry for many decades, the company had made a massive investment in researching and developing new products that would not just make the prisons safe, but also allow the rehabilitation of the prisoners. One of the unique services that they introduced a few months back was their video visitation services. It let the families and friends talk to their loved ones inside the prison without having to be present in prison physically. It was also useful for the prison officials who had one less thing to worry about and had less work to do.

When my daughter was sent to prison for a minor crime for a few months, I was worried about her. Since she was placed in a prison that was far from the city, I thought I would not be able to see a lot of her. But, things changed when I came to know of the video visitation services offered by Securus Technologies. I was briefed about the way to use it, and the customer service department was accommodating of the numerous questions I asked them. Being a novice to technology, I was surprised as to how the technology was so easy to use. I was happy that I could talk to my daughter quite a few times in a week and support her.

Daniel Mark Harrison, a Crypto-Currency Professional

Daniel Mark Harrison is a big name when it comes to the World of Cryptocurrencies. He has made tremendous moves in the sector and has been so successful. He is believed to be a person with special skills in that area and he is respected the world wide because of the expertise he possesses. He is a famous author, entrepreneur, businessman, block chain evangelist, etc. He has been referred by other media as a great man with a great personality and a successful business manager. His skills of managing a venture are a superb and high profile.

Daniel Mark Harrison is a true scholar. He has what it takes to be called an academic giant. He works tirelessly towards ensuring that whatever mission he starts is accomplished with enthusiasm. He studied bachelors of arts in Theology from the University of Oxford in 1998-1999. He later went on to study masters in Business administration from the Norwegian Business School and later he felt he wanted to advance his journalism skills and joined New York University for the one-year qualifications. He left school life equipped to face the World with courage and was ready to go. He creates a business empire immediately and became the chairman and CEO of Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. Ltd. (DMH&CO) from 2015 October and the company’s going concern are still very certain and going stronger every day. He was responsible for the day to day operations of the family business. The company belonged to him and his family members. The company’s mission was to ensure that his assets and those of his family members expanded very well and their worth kept on rising. The company has branches in Bangkok, Singapore, and Hong Kong. The branches are located where their clients base are.

Daniel Mark Harrison beside being the CEO and Managing director of a family affair happens also to be the CEO of Monkey Capital. This is a company that does cryptocurrency trades and also helps toward ensuring that the company grows very well in terms of employment and skills. The company is worth billions of dollars.

Waiakea is Growing At a Remarkable Rate

Waiakea is one of the top companies when it comes to growth. This is a company that has managed to bottle up volcanic water and get people excited about the concept of drinking bottled water again.

There was an initial phase where everyone seemed to have their mind on drinking bottled water from brands like the Dasani and Aquafina.
Overtime the mindset of consumers switched and they no longer found a need to buy water that was brand name. A lot of stores like Walmart and Winn-Dixie started selling bottled water that were generic store based brands. People started buying these off-brands because it all seemed like it was just the same thing. It would take some innovation and ingenuity to bring people back to getting excited about a specific brand of water again.

The CEO for Waiakea knew this, and he has made great strides in creating a certain type of packaging and a storyline that connects consumers to this bottled drinking water, and that has made this one of the most exciting brands around. People are expressing their joy about the volcanic water that has been purified through porous rocks in Hawaii. There is no other brand of drinking water that has been advertised in this way. That makes this an original in a sea of bottled drinking water companies that all look the same. This is great for those that wanted something different. This has resulted in great growth for a smaller company. Much of the fact that this company has created a brand that is not sold in all stores has made it a novelty.

People are really excited about the fact that this company has been able to transform in such a magnificent way over time. Many people are actually thrilled about the fact that this is water that is not found everywhere. They like the fact that it is unique, and it always stirs up conversation at parties because people have not seen it in many stores. That may be another reason that this company is growing at such a tremendous rate.

Louis Chenevert’s Work at United Technology Corporation

United Technology Corporation is a growing business that is doing well in the technology industry. Louis Chenevert was the CEO of the company, and he has completed a lot of his goals in the business. Louis Chenevert has a strong track record of success at various companies that he has worked at.

Over the years, Louis Chenevert moved up the corporate ladder at United Technology Corporation. This allowed him to get experience in various different departments within the company. When Louis Chenevert took the company over, there were many issues that he had to resolve. He worked for the company from 2006 to 2014.
Employee Morale

One of the biggest issues that Louis Chenevert had to fix when he started as CEO was the poor employee morale. There are many studies that show the value of employees who are happy to be at work. He immediately put into action several plans to help in this area. Not only did he increase the pay of many workers, but he also started to offer flexible working hours. This made a huge difference in the overall morale at the company.

Louis Chenevert also hired more people to help current workers. A lot of business leaders want to cut the workforce as much as possible to save money. Louis Chenevert viewed these investments in workers as a way to grow in the coming years.


United Technology Corporation operates within the technology industry. This is a dynamic industry that is always changing. Louis Chenevert knew that his company had to start making dynamic investments in this area.

In the years ahead, United Technology Corporation is expected to continue growing at a rapid rate. Louis Chenevert did a great job as the leader of the company, and employees loved working for him. This is a great example of the impact that one person can make on a company.