Sheldon Lavin Given Lifetime Achievement Global Visionary Award

Sheldon Lavin is a business executive who knows when it’s time to take risks and make changes, and that’s how he has spent the last 40 plus years building a major meat market wholesale company, OSI Group. The company only operated locally in Chicago when he first arrived there, but through his planning and hard work it became a global food industry powerhouse that is currently up in the ranks with Tyson Foods and Perdue. Lavin was at an event at a university in India where he was given the Global Visionary award for having a vision for OSI Group and seeing it through. He’s become an important person in the food industry despite not having a background on it originally.

Sheldon Lavin was a financial analyst when he first started his career, and most of the clients he worked with were customers with large accounts at investment banks. When he met the Kolschowsky family who originally owned OSI Group, he was asked to help them get financing for a new meat processing factory so they could start shipping out meat in huge quantities. His connections and knowledge of the banking industry helped him do this, and as he did more work as a consultant for the Kolschowsky’s company he began to have a greater role in its management. Sheldon Lavin had originally put aside any notion that he would leave finance to join the food industry.

But as OSI Group started growing, he decided to use his investing and growth strategies to help the company.When told he could grow it as large as he wanted, he decided to accept the offer of the Kolschowsky’s to buy the majority of shares and take over as CEO. Sheldon Lavin has primarily kept OSI Group in a strong partnership with McDonald’s restaurants, a partnership that’s lasted more than 60 years. But he’s also worked with other major restaurant chains including Burger King, Subway, and Pizza Hut. As part of OSI’s expansion, Lavin has also led the buyouts and addition of team members from companies like Baho Food, Flagship Europe and Select Ready Foods.

Sujit Choudhry- Accomplished comparative constitutional lawyer

Professor Sujit Choudhry is an internationally renowned scholar experienced in comparative constitutional law and politics. One of the areas in which he specializes is the use of the Constitution as a means of restoring peace in conflict regions. Sujit Choudhry was involved in the creation of numerous constitutions in various countries. In particular, he played a key role in formulating the Canadian constitutional law, read ( He is experienced in numerous disciplines that fall under constitutional law.

Sujit Choudhry is experienced in legal issues and has been sought by many countries to help them solve the problems they are facing. Choudhry is also an author and has written numerous materials on the application of the Constitutional Law in the implementation of justice. His latest book is known as constitutional democracy in crisis? Currently, Sujit Choudhry is a law professor at the University of California, Berkeley. When it comes to comparative constitutional law, no one beats him. He has respect from many other professionals in the legal community. The main reason why he benefits the people who sought his help is his commitment and passion for legal education. He believes that the world can find peace and democracy by applying the Constitution, helpful source on

Sujit Choudhry has worked with many governments from different parts of the world to help them find a good constitution that will solve the problems of democracy. Sujit believes that most of the challenges facing the world today are due to the lack of tailor-made constitutions that address the political environment of a particular country. The biggest challenge in many countries in the political environment is that they accept constitutions from other countries that are not facing the same challenges as they do, click (

Sujit Choudhry is the right person to be consulted when such matters come to the table. His experience allows him to learn the political environment of a country and give it the necessary support. He is also the founder of another organization known as the Center for Constitutional Transitions an organization which pushes for constitutional reforms all over the world. The organization currently has a membership of over 25 countries, visit

How Do You Find Your Financial Freedom? Ask Jim Toner

Jim Toner is a mentor, successful coach and investor in real estate. In his life, Jim Toner was facing worse to good in his business before he became successful. In a few years back, he was a penniless man. Jim Toner’s bankruptcy was because it was the hard economic period for an average person in America doing business during that period. It occurred due to a crash of the housing market and recession. Just at that difficult time, get rich fast schemes, and scam artist preyed on the people targeting to get above the water. Most of the people lost almost everything including what they had put for retirement. Some even lost real estates or accrued assets.

Real estate entrepreneur Jim Toner has this belief that a potential staggering time is coming to accumulate wealth. In a few years, the opportunities will be numerous, and everyone will have that capitalization opportunity, but only if prepared!

Attitude Means Everything

Having a belief is everyone’s important weapon, a tool to grab the opportunity believes Jim Toner. It is more than a secret, and one should focus on hard measurements.

Masterminds And Mentors

You should surround near intelligence and talents, and you will fuel your growth. It has been a path for successful people like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and Andrew Carnegie. They didn’t walk alone but had a group to utilize their knowledge, training, and experience.

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

As per, Jim Toner father was a steelworker. After he acquainted Jim Rohn ideas, he noted that he is required to work hard to gain value and goal at work. He was expected to work spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. It is after working hard that one realizes a noticeable increase in his salary.

Quit Your Job

It might look scarily advice from Jim Toner especially to the people setting out so that they build their worth. He says that if you are working for someone, then you can’t work for yourself. If you work for someone, then you will be bringing instability to the financial life you want. When you become an entrepreneur, you will note that it is the best rewarding path that you have taken. See Toner’s Crunchbase profile.

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Jason Hope Continues To Support The Fight Against Age-Related Disease

Jason Hope is a futurist and philanthropist who is sure that the symptoms of aging can be dealt with before they become a problem. He has been supporting rejuvenation biotechnologies that are looking to be a new hope for the aging population, and the SENS Foundation is where he has focused a lot of his giving.

The foundation has been working with Dr. Aubrey de Grey who has been focused on making old age something that is not rife with physical issues and disease. Jason Hope has been watching the work of Aubrey de Grey for quite some time but only made headlines after he donated $500,000 to the SENS Foundation and its work. In total, Hope has donated over $1 million to-date to the foundation.

The philanthropist is a researcher who understands that as humans age their body begins to breakdown. Many diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and cancer occur at the greatest rates in the elderly. Basically, as a person ages, they become more susceptible to diseases and other conditions. The money he donated to the SENS Foundation went to help the scientists that work on finding solutions to this problem, and one exciting thing that the foundation hopes to get done with the money he donated is to prevent artery-cell proteins from bonding, which is why arteries harden and how high blood pressure begins in some cases.

Instead of taking a conventional approach that deals with disease as it takes place, SENS and Jason Hope are looking to take care of these diseases before they ever take place at all. Dr. Aubrey de Grey, who is the Chief Science Officer and founder of the SENS Foundation, is working on treatments that will accomplish these goals. Aubrey de Grey has also invested $10 million of his own money as a donation to the foundation because of how much he believes in the work that it is doing. Jason Hope is glad to be able to be a part of something that would mean so much to the world, and he plans on continuing to stay up-to-date with biotechnologies and the fight to make our golden years a much happier time.

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How Bruno Fagali Sees Brazilian Companies Addressing The New Anti-Corruption Law

     Bruno Fagali is an attorney who lives and works in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He owns and operates his own legal firm, Fagali Advocacy Law Firm, and is considered one of the best rising lawyers in the nation. He has a number of legal specialties with administrative law and compliance being among them. He is also the corporate integrity manager at an advertising company, Nova/SB, where he makes sure they are in compliance with all federal anti-corruption laws.

It was during the course of 2017 that Bruno Fagali saw that many more Brazilian businesses were starting to adopt anti-corruption measures. He said that even two years ago a lot of companies didn’t have plans in place to adopt these mechanisms. However, the sheer number of corruption scandals has meant that many businesses and entire industries credibility have been undermined in recent years.

He pointed to the Deloitte audit study when addressing this issue. This study included 100 different businesses of all different sizes and industries. It was conducted during May and June of 2017 and it showed that 73% of business had put in place anti-corruption measures. This compares to just 59% who had reported doing so during the last time this study was conducted in 2015.

Despite these positive developments he says that there is still quite a bit to be done when it comes to preventing corruption. Just less than half of the companies in the study had their measures judged as at the good or optimal levels, for instance. He said that the five areas that underline risk management are operational, strategic, financial, regulatory, and cybernetic.

When talking about compliance and corporate governance Bruno Fagali says this it all comes down to doing more than just filling basic obligations. He says too many companies use their compliance programs to just check off a box in order to get certified. This quickly results in losing the essence of what anti-corruption efforts even are. He says too many business leaders are meeting the requirements of the new Anti-Corruption law but they certainly aren’t meeting the spirit of what this law is all about.

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Ryan Seacrest: Wired For Sound

Ryan Seacrest started his career and has done the same thing, but not, for over 27 years, entertainment media. At 16 years of age and while still attending high school, Ryan began sharing his personality via the airwaves. He’d won an internship with the local radio station, WSTR in Georgia, the state of his birth. His suspicions confirmed, he eagerly grasped the details of running a radio station.

From the early 1990’s to the early 2000’s, Ryan Seacrest hosted children’s game shows, and the popular Ultimate Revenge prank show. Later, in 2002, he joined the Fox Television Network to co-host its new show, American Idol. His engaging manner fit impressively with the rest of the crew. Ratings soared. From 2004 to 2016, he received 11 Emmy Award nominations for his performance as sole host of the popular reality TV show.

Ryan Seacrest also earned an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters degree from the University of Georgia, the school where he matriculated after he graduated high school but decided to leave it that same year in order to pursue his passion in media relations in Los Angeles, California. He currently participates in several media venues as host and producer including New Year’s Rockin’ Eve (formerly Dick Clark’s), On Air With Ryan Seacrest, and most recently, Live With Kelly And Ryan. Of the latter, Ryan also functions as the executive producer.

Growing up, it wasn’t trucks or baseball card collections that thrilled him, but microphones. His parents recognized this personality trait in him and nurtured him toward articulate speech, intriguing interviews and public presentation skills. Ryan Seacrest’s career life is a testament to the importance of preparation and timing. At each juncture of his vocational progress, he learned and contributed more, thereby successfully encountering new opportunities. He fearlessly excelled by standing on the kind shoulders of media giants such as Tom Sullivan, Dick Clark and Regis Philbin.

Ryan Seacrest has wisely used his notoriety to springboard products in the fashion and cosmetic industries. You can find them under his labels Ryan Seacrest Distinction and Polish (as mentioned in He also founded his own media firms, Ryan Seacrest Productions (RSP) and Ryan Seacrest Media (RSM). As part of his dedication to giving back to the community in addition to public appearances for fundraising events, he also started the Ryan Seacrest Foundation (RSF) and fighting cancer through medical research and patient respite is another of his passions. When you see Ryan Seacrest without a mic in his hand, don’t worry, it’s probably attached to his vest.

FB: @ryanseacrest
IG: ryanseacrest

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The success of Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group was formed in 1998 and since then it has become a market leader in investment. This announcement was made in New York during the company’s Initial Public Offer (IPO) in 2007. Fortress investment group focuses on capital markets, operations management, corporate mergers and acquisitions, asset-based investing and sector-specific knowledge of institutions and companies. By diversifying investments, the company has managed to attract not less than 1,750 customers and a fund of over 450 billion dollars assets management.


Randal Nardone, Rob Kauffman, and Wes Edens established the company with a common goal to revolutionize investment. They had expertise from financial institutions which helped them grow asset base in less than five years. In 1999 the Journey to investment kicked off with its first product named Fortress Investment Fund I. The company gained huge popularity from 1999-2006 and its investments grew by almost forty percent. Kauffman quitted the company after fifteen years and decided to focus elsewhere leaving Nardone and Edens to run the company.

History of the company

In the first ten years of investment, the company experienced tremendous growth that led to listing in the New York stocks exchange in 2007. Diversified products that are Fund I, II, III and IV were introduced into the market. In 2015 Michael Novogratz left the company’s board and Peter Briger Joined as a principal. The company also bought several assets in 2006-2007. This made the company continue to develop with even 2 additional board members to run the new assets. The IPO launched proved to be a reward to the company adding more confidence to investors. Fortress investment group made more acquisitions including American General Financial Services in 2010. Since then, more offices have been opened around the world including China and Singapore. The company was crowned Management Firm of the year in 2014 by HFMWeek magazine.Due to its exemplary performance, Fortress investment group was acquired by SoftBank Group Corporation in 2017 at a value of 3.3 billion dollars. It grew from $400 million to about $70 billion worth of assets being managed over a period of twenty years. Currently, the company focuses on Equity, Permanent Capital Vehicle Divisions, and Credit as the major investment drivers.

Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks are an Investment Cloaked in the Apperence of a Scam

When investment guru Matt Badiali first appeared on television, offering people a piece of a $34.5 billion dollar payout many scratched their heads. His advertisement ran like so many others, well dressed man offers big check, all that is required is a minor investment of money. Trustworthy? Of course what could go wrong? However, freedom checks are a more legitimate investment than most people think.

Freedom checks suffer the same problems as cryptocurrency. Nobody really understand them so it is hard for them to wrap their heads around the benefits. The idea behind what Badiali terms, “Freedom Checks” is a legitimate investment in natural resource companies. It is based on Badiali’s expertise as an investor, his knowledge of natural resources, and his experience in the natural resource market. The idea stems from natural resource companies use of tax exemptions, something that requires a number of stakeholders to qualify for. Stakeholders that get freedom checks. Learn more about Freedom Checks at

The stakeholders have no direct control, and stakes can be purchased for as low as ten dollars. The stakes are actually Master Limited Partnerships. They are tradeable partnerships that grant companies all the perks of publicly traded companies, as well as the cash flow. The use of MLPs means that companies will not be taxed on profits until they dispense said profits to investors, but in order to quality 90% of their revenue to the stakeholders who have invested. This makes them basically tax free. It also means that stakeholders get a check every quarter or monthly period.

These monthly to quarterly checks would be the selfsame checks Badiali holds up in his commercial. Like any investment the payout is dependent on the success of the company. But as Badiali is an expert geologist who investigates such companies for their viability, the investment is a good one to make. Matt Badiali is also an editor for venerable Banyan Hill Publishing.

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Robert Ivy Scales The Heights Of Success Becoming One Of The Honorees Of The Lifetime Achievement Award

Robert Ivy is among the few exceptional characters to be recognized by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL) with the Noel Polk Lifetime achievement award. The American Institute of Arts deputy president was awarded on June 2nd alongside a stained-glass engineer from Pearl River Glass studio, Mr. Andrew Young. This price came as such an honor considering the award goes typically to Mississippi connected artists and patrons with consummate talent.

Robert Ivy now joins the ranks of previous honorees like Shelby Foote that won the award in 2004 and Eudora Welty, a writer that was awarded in 2001. Robert Ivy is also the only architect to be pronounced as the ‘Master architect’ and is among the only seven individuals to be recognized by the title since the beginning of Alpha Rho Chi, the national architecture family. His fellow master architects include Mies Van der Rohe and Richard Buckminster Fuller.

The celebrated architect, who is also an author and editor has written the Fay Jones biography, a book that speaks about the expertise of a Frank Wright’s Follower who is also an architect. It is currently in its third edition having first been published in 2001. After leaving the US Navy where he served as an officer, Robert Ivy joined McGraw Hill Publishers as the Editor In chief. During his time at the record, the journal distributed the highest number of copies worldwide. The publishing company earned several awards in the industry like the premier magazine journalism award, Follo Design awards and 26 Jesse H. Neal honors among others.

The AIA president, Carl Elefante acknowledged his achievement on behalf of the institution saying that as the Chief Executive Officer of the institution since 2011, Robert was playing an incredible role as a worthy representative for the architectural industry and American Institute of Arts. Carl added that he was worthy of the crown for leading an exemplary life both professionally and in his endeavors. The MIAL president, Nancy LaForge was not left behind and had to congratulate him for simplifying architecture for the people of Mississippi like no one else had ever done.

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Heather Russell and TransUnion

Since June 4th of this year, Heather Russell has been serving as Chief Legal Officer as well as Executive Vice President for TransUnion. As someone with over 20 years of experience in both the financial and legal arenas, Russell brings a wealth of expertise to the company, and great things are expected of her in her new positions as she replaces outgoing leader John Blenke.

The experts at TransUnion understand the importance of information in today’s business world, and they have the command of technology to harvest it effectively. Consequently, TransUnion is a company with a global presence that gives its clients the tools they need to thrive. Recently, TransUnion made headlines with the introduction of its popular and effective Credit Lock Plus product, which provides users with security in the current climate of digital lawlessness. In short, TransUnion is a company that analyzes information at lightning speed and spots trends in cyber-security and equity before they happen.

In an article from, Heather Russell has a Bachelor’s degree from William & Mary College and a law degree from American University Washington College. Her background puts her in a unique position to help guide TransUnion, a company that provides credit protection, business assistance and consumer aid in the rapidly changing global economy. Prior to working at TransUnion, Russell worked at law firm Buckley Sandler, LLP where she used her extensive knowledge on financial regulations. Before that, she served in numerous positions for banks in New York, London and Washington D.C. becoming an expert on regulations pertaining to mergers and acquisitions along the way.

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